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Why Wasn’t Doctor Strange In WandaVision Finale?


With the way they teased him all along, we thought Doctor Strange would play a more significant role in the finale. But guess we were wrong.

Mental Presence?

Well, the book we saw missing from the Sorcerer Supreme’s personal collection now might very well be Darkhold.

We heard him being mentioned, we heard his specialty being mentioned, we had a full series about Witches and magic and imminent dangers, but Doctor Strange was nowhere to be seen.

Maybe he was mentally present and physically absent?

What happened to Guarding the Earth?

If a Witch like Agatha knew about Wanda and West View, how did Doctor Strange miss out? Seriously, he missed out on helping Peter Parker, too, and we heard Agent Hill say that he was unavailable.

We thought that he was helping with Wanda, and so that made sense. Now that he was not near Wanda or helping Peter, what on Earth happened to him that he is MIA.

Now that Agatha Harkness has clearly mentioned, Wanda has far exceeded Doctor Strange and his powers.

Believe when we say that Strange was supposed to be the best of them all. Think then how powerful she would be if she has surpassed him.

Why is no one concerned?

Okay, so basically, Wanda is actually inevitable, but no one, even Fury, doesn’t mind finding out what’s happening?

He did send a Skrull to give Monica an invite, but it didn’t look like the Skrull was there to monitor the happenings.

But we can’t exactly tell with Fury. He might’ve gotten her to do a full report on the incident there and then go in search of Rambeau.

When does Strange meet, Wanda?

Anyway, coming to Doctor Strange, it was a bummer not seeing him. I mean, he was in the trailer, and all for God’s sake.

So, now that we know Strange was not in WandaVision, not even in the end credits, from where was that scene taken?

We know that he is definitely walking like that because something has happened. We do see him make that walk only when things are serious. So, does that mean Wanda lost it again, and Strange is after her to calm her down or contain her?

Or it could simply mean that he is going after her for help, or he could’ve found Agatha and went to Wanda to get the Darkhold?

Anyway, there are too many theories, and we know we fail epically sometimes by guessing it so, let’s just wait.

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