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Will Slowing Down TV Show Releases Save MCU?

Along with the third “Ant-Man” movie’s shrinking box office numbers, “The Marvels” also flopped in theaters. While film adjustments happen, the studio will also significantly change Marvel’s Disney+ series rollouts.

THR’s report identifies an emphasis on putting more control in the hands of showrunners on the television and Disney+ side of things whereas previously its programs operated without them — thanks, in part, to the smooth production process of Jessica Gao’s “She-Hulk.”

Overall, the MCU is pumping its brakes when releasing new TV projects.

In January 2024, “Echo” executive producer Brad Winderbaum stated, “We produced a lot of content very quickly, and we’re primarily a filmmaking company.”

To accomplish this goal, Marvel Studios is pivoting into a plan that withholds MCU content from audiences longer, giving them time to want it.

Amidst a February earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger reportedly explained that the first step for the company will be to reduce the overall quantity of content across the House of Mouse — especially at Marvel.

The result is just two MCU Disney+ series coming in 2024 — “Echo,” which already aired, and the upcoming “Agatha: Darkhold Diaries.” However, insiders also noted that the “WandaVision” spinoff series only needed one day of reshoots to wrap up — as opposed to its usual five days — spelling positive vibes for its release.

As far as its movie front, “Deadpool & Wolverine” is slated as its only 2024 theatrical release.


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