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Will Witcher Season 2 Satisfy The Fans And Stay Ahead Of The Trend?

The Witcher

The Witcher’s season one was a big hit for Netflix but wasn’t a big one with the critics. It was definitely the most-watched one back in 2019 and early 2020, but it didn’t last.

Why is Witcher a hit?

When The Witcher came out, Netflix’s Originals were not a big hit back then. Any originals from the company just performed poorly or ranked on average.

But the pandemic turned the waves for Netflix. People started to binge-watch whatever they could, and many shows and movies got so much spotlight.

Bored people at home would watch anything, and there it sat in the sci-fi section, the perfect show to binge-watch, which got attention just because of its lead, Henry Cavill.

Was Witcher a hit because of Henry Cavill?

Now, Henry Cavill sure did attract a lot of people, but Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan played a significant role in keeping them interested.

But somehow, the show never got any praise from critics or audiences who have seen many sci-fi movies or shows.

For one, it was dark and had so much mystery, we get that, but the confusing timelines and some bad scenes made many fans think it is not worthwhile.

But, the show went on to be the biggest hit for Netflix. Back then, in 2019, it was the only one that came new to the platform and got everyone’s attention.

But unfortunately for The Witcher, there are too many shows that far surpassed the records set by it and have been welcomed in a much better way.

But the Witcher fans still stay true to it. There is a big test coming up for the Witcher in the coming season. This one should not only keep up to the people’s expectations, but it should also deliver well and surpass the others by fixing its holes.

So, if the second season fails even in one department, it will be dropped like it’s hot and will be long forgotten. So, the Witcher has a lot of things to do this time around, and fans won’t be pleased that easily.




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