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With Marvel Turning 80, Fans Share Their Favorite Memories Of All Times

By Hypebeast

Marvel Turns 80

August 31st was a very special day, especially in the world of Marvel Comics, as the company celebrated its 80th birthday.

Timely Comics published its first-ever Marvel Comics #1 on August 31st, 1939, and subsequently paved the way for what would go on to become the incredibly huge Marvel Universe.


On its birthday, the official Twitter account for Marvel Entertainment kept putting out tweets about the anniversary all day long and also asked fans to share their favorite memories of the Marvel Universe using #Marvel80.

Fan Posts

Hundreds of fans replied to Marvel’s post and also used the hashtag. The following are some of the fan tweets along with those of Marvel accounts in the honor of 80 years of Marvel.

The Lessons- one fan tweeted that while the Marvel Universe may not be real, they taught him to care, dream and love and to seek adventure. They also helped him to look at life from a different perspective and thus became real to him.

Another die-hard Marvel fan made up a whole thread of 80 of his favorite Marvel memories. The fan decided that he would be posting a favorite memory every day for the next 80 days.

All these and many more fans kept posting with the hashtag the whole day, thus keeping Marvel Comics young and alive in our memories.



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