Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman almost got FIRED from X-Men; Here’s why


Hugh Jackman has a great journey with his 17-year career and is one of a most beloved superhero ever.

He has become synonymous with Wolverine on the big screen. He wouldn’t have set a Guinness World Record without doing so.

Jackman Talks About His Entry to X-Men Franchise

Recently, the Wolverine actor revealed that he was nearly fired during 2000’s X-Men, and now he’s opening up about that experience.

Hugh Jackman has done justice with his character and no one else can be found replacing him for the Wolverine’s character in X-Men franchise.

During an interview with Daily Mail and UK outlet, Jackman was asked about his early experience with Wolverine, and how he nearly was fired from X-Men.

“I was told that things weren’t really working out as they hoped.

I was about to get fired from my first Hollywood movie – the biggest of my career. I was angry, I went home to my wife and I complained.

I was whining to Deb, my wife, and moaning about this person and that person,” he recalled.

“Listen, I think you have just got to trust yourself. You are worrying way too much about what everything else is thinking.

Just go back to the character, focus on that, trust your instinct… you’ve got this, ” Jack’s wife said

Initially, the casting team was reluctant to take Hugh in the 2000’s X-Men movie and he wasn’t the obvious choice to have him in the team.

At the time, he had only done a few small films and TV shows and his 6’2″ height was a stark contrast to Wolverine’s usual build. But, Jackman was cast as Wolverine after Dougray Scott exited the film due to the filming schedule of Mission: Impossible II.

Wolverine History…

Ever since Jackman got the lead in the franchise, he immediately was thrown into production.

His 17-year career as the Marvel hero took a start with The first X-Men, directed by Bryan Singer.

The first X-Men went big blockbuster and led to more in this franchise. Hugh was a part of all 3 X-Men trilogy and became the biggest star of them. After the success of the X-Men trilogy, Fox was enough confident for the solo series to produce.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine were his first solo movies under the Fox banner.

Later, his character was reintegrated into the new main series by starring in X-Men: Days of Future Past and with a small role in X-Men: Apocalypse.

He’s officially hung up the adamantium claws now, but Jackman’s time in the role was nearly cut very short.

Marvel Studios now has the ability to use the character after Disney acquired Fox’s film and TV assets and a recasting of Wolverine will happen eventually.

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