Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman gives a young fan the BEST Birthday Gift


Doesn’t every person secretly want to be a celebrity? Everybody wants fame and popularity.

But it is only a few that are able to work hard enough and reach their goal. Only a few get lucky enough to make it to the top.

Only a few get to live the dream of being known in every corner of the world.

Many of us dream what it would be like when or if we become popular or known as a celebrity?

But it is even fewer among people who reach up to that level, and stay down to earth, treat other people right, make others happy in whatever way possible. One of the examples is Hugh Jackman.

Such an attitude, such compassion can only be found only among the rarest and finest of people.


Who is Hugh Jackman?

Anybody who is a fan of Hollywood is well acquainted with the name Hugh Jackman. The handsome Australian actor who has played major characters in many blockbuster hits like Wolverine, X-Men, The Greatest Showman, Logan, Real Steel, and the list goes on.

He is considered one of Hollywood’s most talented stars of all times. He has it all, the dream career, the dream life, everything. But he isn’t just one of those lucky few who “made it”, he is of even the rarer kind.

What makes Hugh Jackman so special?

Many celebrities are such used to having people and fans around them that they barely notice them or appreciate their presence.

But what Hugh Jackman did in his recent concert was one of the purest and sweetest gestures that anybody can show.

After all, who can question the purity of a person’s heart when he gives seven years old, princess, the best birthday gift ever?

Hugh Jackman, recently, had stopped in the middle of a concert after spotting a little “birthday princess” who had come to see him with her parents. It was the birthday of seven-year-old Mia.

Hugh Jackman, after stopping, started conversing with little Mia and gave her warm wishes on her birthday and also gave her a “high-five”. This whole scene was recorded and shared by her parents on Twitter, and that has set all of Twitter to go “aww” at his this act.

This show how people with good heart always win.

It might have taken just a few second of Hugh Jackman’s time to wish little Mia on her birthday but it proved as one of the best birthday gifts for the seven-year-old girl and it will be something that little Mia will remember for her entire life.

In that case, Hugh Jackman is a celebrity for sure, but he surely is a person with a golden heart first.

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