Wonder Woman 1984: New Look At Golden Eagle Armour


Wonder Woman 1984, is the sequel of the first Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (2017) which took place in 1918.

God Killer

According to the things we gathered about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the justice league movie and the first Wonder Woman movie, we know that she is half deity. We see that she is the God killer and not the sword. Her powers are limitless, and frankly, I thought no armor will add more leverage to her.

Golden Eagle

But Wonder Woman 1984 has a surprise for us, which was the golden eagle armour worn by Wonder Woman in comics. In the first look that released of the movie, Gadot sported the golden armour sans the helmet and wings which were a prominent piece of the armour in the comics.

Peaceful Warrior

No idea on how she got the costume now in 1984 and if that costume is even needed for a mighty superhero, like herself. Wonder Woman, oh wait, the Amazons, believe in peace and avoiding fight at all times. In fact, Wonder Woman’s previous costume gave us a more appealing look. But, this golden armour is like a direct invitation to war.

Gift From The Past?

One thing is still not certain though, as of where she got the armour. Maybe a gift from someone? Also, no idea how dead Steve Trevor is still alive in the second movie. So curious to find it out but somehow or the other the film which was set for December 2019 release has reached to 2020 December. Please, no more date changes, Please!!!!

War Between Gods?

The golden armour may signify a big war in 1984.

Another mystery will be why does Wonder Woman need such armour. The armour itself looks like something needed for a war that is about to happen between the Gods. Wonder Woman doesn’t need her costume to fight. Her power is in her and not her outfit, but of course, the bracelet is bulletproof and has been helpful in the time of battles. So, she wearing the golden armour just means one thing, there is a big war coming in Wonder Woman 1984.


Too many questions and significantly fewer answers, these kinds of stuff are making fans curious and restless. Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the most anticipated movies in DCEU. Since the first movie was a box office hit and the fans received it with welcoming hands, the same is expected of the sequel. If the pandemic doesn’t take a new turn and start again and go on to reduce like it is now, we might probably get to see Wonder Woman on the 25th December this year.

Here’s to dreaming and hoping that happens!

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