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10 Worst Blue Lock Football Players Ranked By Skill!

Blue Lock Chapter 173

Here are the top ten worst players in Blue Lock ranked by their skills.

Keisuke Wanima

He is the younger twin of Junichi Wanima. Additionally, he requires eye contact with his brother to activate their twin’s special technique. Hence, without Junichi, he is an average player.

Nijiro Nanase

He is aware of his weakness as an athlete and does not particularly have any gifted skills like the other soccer players. Despite his shortcomings, he plays with his whole heart.

Aoshi Tokimitsu

His large build proves to be his greatest strength for him during a game. However, he is a bench player seemingly due to his timid and meek personality.

Gen Fukaku

He is deemed to be an average goalkeeper of the Japan U-20 Team. Furthermore, neither he is the strongest player nor the most reliable.

Wataru Kuon

He was initially introduced as the main strategist for Team Z. However, his tendency to be selfish is proof enough that he is not suited to become a soccer player.

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Jingo Raichi

His brash personality is his weakest point for him which has resulted in him getting benched. Besides that, he is also erratic which causes him to act without thinking.

Junichi Wanima

While he is a relatively good striker, Junichi depends mostly on his twin brother, Keisuke in a game. Similar to Keisuke, Junichi also relies on his brother and their eye contact during a game.

Gurimu Igarashi

Ego Jinpachi himself has labeled him as the weakest player in the whole soccer union. In addition, he specializes in diving, which is cheating. In diving, a player feigns injury in the hopes to grab an unfair advantage.

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Yo Hiori

He currently acts as a substitute player. While he has a level head and lightning-fast reflexes, the only aspect he lacks is his physical ability.

Okuhito Iemon

Although he is kind and caring, Okuhito was only ever seen acting as a goalie in the Blue Lock series. Hence, is unable to fully showcase his abilities and kicking skills.

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