Would Zack Snyder be on board for a Justice League 2?


It’s not uncommon for superhero films to spawn sequels — in fact, these days, it seems like it’s more uncommon for them not to. While sequels aren’t always a sure bet in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), we also know they’re not completely off the table, thanks to Wonder Woman 1984 and the upcoming Aquaman 2.

So, it’s natural for fans to wonder whether Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated version of Justice League, upcoming on HBO Max, will ultimately lead to a follow-up — especially because of the unique situation surrounding the film. Director’s cuts or extended editions aren’t uncommon for movies, particularly those with a big fan following.

Logistics aside, it seems pretty likely that fans wouldn’t be on board with a Justice League sequel unless Zack Snyder was involved. While it’s too early to say whether Warner Bros. would even be willing to greenlight a sequel, the director has tentatively weighed in on whether he’d be willing to be involved if the opportunity was presented to him.

Let’s take a look at what Zack Snyder said about a hypothetical Justice League 2.

Would Zack Snyder be on board for a Justice League 2?


In January 2021, Zack Snyder said that he had no plans to continue on with the DCEU in the future — but he admitted that he never thought he’d really be in a position to release his version of Justice League (via Collider). Now, his more recent comments at IGN Fan Fest make it seem as though the director might be more amenable to revisiting his Justice League world in the future than he originally let on.

When asked if he would consider directing a sequel, the director said, That’s very hypothetical. I think that I would say, I would believe it when I see it, and happy to cross that bridge when I see it approaching.”

It sounds like Snyder might be skeptical as to whether a Justice League 2 film will ever come about. But, if it ever did become a reality, it seems like he may be willing to come on board. It’s not exactly a 180 from his previous comments on a potential future with the DCEU, but it does feel like he’s leaning more decisively toward “yes.”

Seemingly, no decisions about Justice League 2 will be made until after the director’s cut hits HBO Max, and it’ll likely come down to how well it performs. At IGN Fan Fest, we also learned how Zack Snyder’s Justice League is really going to end — think “massive cliffhanger” – which might be enough to inspire some speculation about where, if anywhere, the already legendary story of Justice League could go next.

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