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Yashahime Episode 38 Release Date And Expectations

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 29

Episode 37 was super heartwarming as we finally witnessed Sesshomaru reuniting with Rin. Rin is now free from the cursed thread of fate previously tying her to Zero.

Towa and Setsuna also save Zero from her own regret and hatred. Overall, it was a really well executed and emotional episode. To know more about Yashahime Episode 38, head down below!

Yashahime Episode 38 Release Date

A new episode will not be released this week as the anime is on a one-week hiatus. Yashahime Ep 38 is scheduled to release on January 8th, 2022.

Recap of Yashahime Episode 37

Episode 37 was super action packed and tied a lot of loose ends. We saw how Towa became consumed by blind rage as Zero kept taunting her. When Zero reveals that she created the forest fire that led to the separation of the twin sisters, Towa can’t see straight anymore due to her all consuming anger.

Towa keeps on attacking Zero, without a thought about the thread that connects Zero’s fate to Rin. Riku makes several attempts to stop Towa from doing something she’d regret but Towa doesn’t calm down until Setsuna shows up and reveals the lost memories Rin hid from them.

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Setsuna’s forgotten memories reveal that it was never Towa’s fault they got separated. Setsuna forgot about her sister only because the Dream Butterfly and Rin intentionally protected her from the painful memories.

With this, Towa finally comes to terms with her innermost regrets and finds it in herself to forgive Zero. With that settled, Zero’s taunts to the twins to kill her does not phase Towa anymore as both sisters instead think of ways to save Zero from her own sadness and hatred.

But Zero is offended by their forgiveness and their desire to save her and threatens to drag Rin to hell with her. However, Setsuna, with her Yukari no Tachikiri, gets rid of the thread of fate which ties Zero to the late Great Dog-Demon who she once loved. She’s been blaming herself for his death all these years. But now, she sees a tender vision of him as he forgives her.

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So, now that she has no regret tying her down, she releases the thread of fate connecting her and Rin and requests Riku to kill her so she can finally meet death in peace.

In her last moments, she thanks both Towa and Setsuna and also says that Kirinmaru should work with them, not against them. Zero finally departs, leaving a beautiful field of flowers as a way of paying tribute to Rin.

Meanwhile, Jaken and Moroha head to the Tree of Ages to check on Rin’s condition. Sesshomaru arrives just then and hands Moroha the Black Pearl that contains her parents. He approaches Rin next to check how much the Silver-Scale Curse has progressed.

The scales are almost covering her entire body by this point and she is obviously at the brink of death any minute now. Sesshomaru waits, with faith that their daughters will be able to save Rin. When Zero finally releases Rin from the curse, Rin wakes up in Sesshomaru’s arms and proudly affirms that their girls were able to save Zero.

The next scene cuts to Moroha who is dealing with the discovery that her parents are alive and trapped inside the Black Pearl. She tells Takechiyo at the Bone-Eater’s Well, that she’s nervous about reuniting with her parents when he encourages her to see them.

It is at this time that she suddenly notices Akuru hurrying off with his pinwheel while being chased by Kirinmaru. Kirinmaru also spots Moroha and steals the Black Pearl from her and tells her he’d return it if she brings him Akuru’s pinwheel.

What Can We Expect From Yashahime Episode 38? 

Now that Sesshōmaru’s family seems to have finally dealt with much of the heaviness from their past and saved Rin, they may have a better chance at fully embracing happiness. The last episode also sets up many of the major conflicts to come.

In the next episode, we can expect to see the focus shift to Moroha. The twin sisters will probably also offer their help to save Moroha’s parents from Kirinmaru. With fans rejoicing the heartwarming reunion between Rin and Sesshomaru, we’re all just as excited and eagerly waiting to see a similar return of Kagome and Inuyasha.

Where to Watch Yashahime Episode 38 Online? 

You can stream the series on sites such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, AnimeLab and VRV.

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