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Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid’s Baby: Everything You Need To Know


Yes, finally something millions of fans were waiting for has happened. Zayn and Gigi are now parents to a baby girl.

Gigi gave birth to her unnamed daughter yesterday. Half of this Pandemic gas gone for the couple’s fans by wondering when they will get to see the couple become parents.


Twitter Mania

Tweets are shooting up on Twitter, and they are trending number 2 worldwide. Even though every celebrity has promoted the US election Vote registration day in Hollywood, this has just overpowered those tweets.

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One D Second Gen

This is the first One D member’s baby. Even though the band is still not together, fans are freaking out to see their pop star as a girl dad. Fans are also going crazy over the fact that the baby is a Virgo.

Happy Parents

Both Gigi and Zayn shared pictures captioning the joy the baby has brought to them. The name of the baby is not revealed yet. We sure hope it inherits her momma’s genes and her dad’s talent!!

Taylor Swift

Well like any ardent fan, the couple’s fans to have started to go crazy on who the Godparents will be. At the same time, many speculate that it will be Taylor Swift. Some fans are excited that this cutie will also receive a hand-worked blankie like Katy Perry’s daughter.


We do hope the Godmother is Taylor! Imagine having Gigi Hadid as your mom, Zayn Malik as your dad and Taylor as your Godmother? God, I have stooped so low that I am jealous of a newborn baby.

Anyhoo, we at The News Fetcher wish a hearty congratulations to the star couple on the birth of their baby girl.

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