10 Things Tony Stark Wasted Money On

Tony Stark’s Money Was Wasted On:

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Tony Stark is the invincible armor-clad superhero better known as Iron Man. This billionaire genius weaponeer got his start after he was kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build weapons for them – an event he turned to his advantage when he defied them and built the first Iron Man suit.

Of course, being a genius only goes so far when one doesn’t have the same resources as a billionaire like Stark. Building high-tech mech suits such as the ones he wears to bust up the Hulk or fly through space is not a cheap expenditure. However, not everything Tony spends money on is designed to save the world. Here are 10 things armored Avenger wasted money on.

10) A Lot Of Tony Stark’s Money Was Spent On Storing Armor On Mars:

There are a lot of different Iron Man suits that Tony Stark has made over the years. Some of these include the Mark I, the Silver Centurion, Hulkbuster, Godbuster, and Fin Fang Foom Buster. Moreover, all of these suits take a lot of space. So, Iron Man needs a place to store his unmanned armors.

In 2018’s Avengers #5, Stark reveals that he had built a Godbuster Mark II. Moreover, he also said that he was keeping it parked on Mars.

9) Marvel Comics Iron Man Also Wasted His Money On Renting Disneyland For A Day:

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Tony Stark once rented out Disneyland for an entire day. He made the authorities close the park so he could have it all to himself. There, he also interviewed a woman for a job position in his company. When asked about this, he simply said, “I hate crowds.”

8) Tony Stark’s Dancing Soccer Robots:

The first issue of Dan Slott’s Tony Stark: Iron Man opens 25 years in the past when Tony Stark is still a child as he enters a robotics tournament. A song announces Tony’s entry into the competition through a booming “Y’all ready for this?”

As the music plays, mini soccer robots swarm the arena. Soon, they start performing acrobatic Pelé-inspired moves before dancing boastfully.

7) Another Thing That The Tony Stark Money Was Wasted On Was Talking Animals:

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This is another detail we saw in Slott’s Tony Stark: Iron Man. After hiring a new recruit to his team, Tony Stark gives the man a tour of Stark Enterprises. There, we get a tour of the inventions on display. Among these inventions is the technology that enables dogs and cats to talk. When one of the cats is accused of drinking all the milk, it responds by characteristically blaming it on the dog.

6) A Lot Of The Tony Stark Money Was Spent On The Avengers Mansion:

Not many superheroes we know are rich. As a matter of fact, most billionaires fit into the category of supervillains. Iron Man is the only billionaire on the team of Avengers, and so, has often funded the team. After the Avengers: Disassembled event, the New Avengers formed up and required a base for their operations. So, to help them, Tony Stark sold them the Avengers Mansion for a dollar.

5) Sol’s Hammer Also Took Up A Lot Of The Tony Stark Money:

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A Dyson Sphere is a hypothetical megastructure. It is named after the mathematician and physicist Freeman Dyson. Furthermore, theoretically speaking, the Dyson Sphere is capable of harnessing all the excess radiation of the sun to power technology. In this regard, Tony Stark built his own personal Dyson Sphere, which he named Sol’s Hammer.

Speaking of such a valuable energy source, the Sol’s Hammer is not a waste, in any case. Moreover, it could end Earth’s dependence on fossil fuels. Unfortunately, it was destroyed when the alien Shi’ar attacked the Earth. Later, it fell into the hands of anti-mutant extremists who used it in their genocidal plans.

5) Tony Stark’s Expenditures Also Included Printer Paper And Ink:

Printer ink is quite expensive. Therefore, it is quite difficult to imagine the kind of printing demands Iron Man could possibly have.

In the storyline of Fear Itself, Tony gets drunk while operating the Iron Man Armor. His enemies conspire to use his state against him. Subsequently, he is given the subpoena to turn over ninety days’ worth of biometric data which his Armor has collected. Stark, completely drunk, complies and therefore prints the data they ask for. He prints so many pages that they fill the trailers of nineteen big rig trucks, forcing the people investigating him to dig through the stacks one page at a time.

3) Of Course, We Cannot Forget Alcohol As A Part Of This List:

We all know that Tony Stark is an alcoholic. The story “Demon in a Bottle” explores his struggle with substance abuse. Furthermore, it is also considered by many fans to be the most definitive Iron Man story.

There are a lot of times in the comics when we see Stark fall off the wagon. Moreover, every time he does this, the scene is nothing less than emotional and heart-breaking. One particular instance of this is Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers. We see Tony bracing for the end of the world, which he failed to stop. In the scene, he lines shot glasses along his bar and fills each of them with the alcohol he wants savour in the moments the world ends. Of course, we can only imagine how expensive such a bottle of liquor would be.

2) Much Of The Tony Stark Money Was Also Spent On Sports Cars:

Tony Stark can operate a flying mech suit. So naturally, he has no need of a car. Moreover, no one really needs the kind of luxury sports cars that Tony Stark drives. However, like many rich people. Stark likes to enjoy the finer things in life. In saying so, he has a lot of sports cars which he spends his money on frivolously.

1) Finally, A Huge Amount Of Tony Stark Money Went Into Area 51 As Well:

There is no roundabout way of saying this: Yes, Tony Stark bought Area 51. You read that right. This is the same place that is supposedly home to the Roswell alien spacecraft. Moreover, it is also the same which the entire internet was planning to go to.

According to Stark, he just happened to see that the government had put it up for sale. And so, he decided to buy it. The acquiring of the site could be a way to stroke his ego. Alternatively, he might have thought he would learn something from old alien tech on the premises. Regardless of the reasons, this definitely seems like a frivolous expenditure.

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