10 Of The Worst Things Captain America Has Done In The MCU


MCU Captain America As The Bad Guy:

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While MCU Captain America is known as an Avenger with the most morals, it does not mean that he is perfect. He is a good man, with a hero’s heart. However, at the same time, he is also quite complex and does make mistakes from time to time. And while he is worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, he has also taken missteps over the MCU years.

However, this does not mean that he is not still an upstanding and admirable character. Regardless, his flaws also make him even more relatable and understanding. Read on below to find out 10 of the worst things that Cap has done in the MCU.

10) Kissing Sharon Carter Is One Of The Worst Things MCU Captain America Has Done:

MCU Captain America kiss

This is one kiss in the MCU that fans were not at all happy about. Sharon Carter is a capable agent as well as an interesting character. However, she did not get her due in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover, the kiss between Carter and Cap felt forced and subsequently reduced her to a mere love interest.

Also, it was pretty messed up in Rogers’ part to kiss Peggy’s grandniece. That too, right after Peggy’s funeral. And now that Cap has gone back in time in Endgame to marry Peggy, the kiss is even weirder.

9) Captain America As the Bad Guy Also Refused To Sign the Accords And Split Up The Avengers:

The central issue of conflict in Captain America: Civil War is a fascinating one. Moreover, both Cap, as well as Iron Man, had good reasons for choosing what they did. However, Cap’s refusal to sign the accords split up the Avengers, thereby making them weak. And this also had many other consequences, since the Avengers were still torn apart when Thanos came around.

8) MCU Captain America Also Got Distracted And Contributed To The Loss Of Lives In Lagos:

At the beginning of the Civil War, Cap is leading a team of heroes. These include the Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Falcon. While fighting with Brock Rumlow, Cap gets distracted by Bucky’s mention. And this proves to be his Achilles Heel since he forgets to clock the bomb Rumlow has.

This lapse in his judgment also leads to the death of innocent people after the Scarlet Witch tries to stop the bomb from killing Cap. We know that this isn’t his fault directly. However, this scene shows that Cap isn’t always perfect, especially on the battlefield.

7) Pretending That Did Not Like Swearing Was Also One Of The Bad Things MCU Captain America Did:

This is more of a funny thing that MCU Captain America has done. In the Age of Ultron, Cap calls out swearing by saying that memorable “language” line. As a response, most fans, even now, feel that this was out of character. It also does not make much sense, since Steve Rogers has sworn many other times in the MCU, both before and after this scene.

6) He Was Also Unable To Move On From The Past, Which Created A Lot Of Troubles:

MCU Captain America 3

Captain America has always been a man out of time. Therefore, we can understand that moving on from the past would be difficult for him. This is especially considering that he woke up suddenly around 70 years later. Moreover, he had to adjust to a completely new world. Furthermore, he also had to deal with the fact that nearly everyone he ever knew was either dead or very old.

However, it is his stubbornness and unwillingness to move on from the past which actually keeps him from blending into the world and becoming friends with the Avengers.

5) MCU Captain America Is Also Guilty Of Keeping The Truth About Tony Stark’s Parents’ Deaths Hidden:

This moment is one of Captain America’s most obvious mistakes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he finds out that Tony Stark’s parents were actually killed by HYDRA. However, he does not tell Tony this information in an effort to protect him.

However, his intentions for doing so were good. Regardless, keeping this a secret ended up doing a lot of damage than anything else. Tony felt betrayed by Steve when he found out about this.

4) He Also Fought With Iron Man:

The fight between Tony, Steve, and Bucky is one of the hardest ones to watch in the MCU. This is mainly because these three should be allies and friends instead of enemies. No one is completely in the wrong in this fight. Similarly, no one is completely in the right as well.

Tony Stark trying to kill Bucky is wrong, even though we can understand his anger and pain. Steve also gets too caught up in this fight and eventually makes things worse. In his regard, he is unable to simple de-escalate. Furthermore, all of the choices he makes leading up to this moment make the fight is inevitable.

3) MCU Captain America Also Becomes A War Criminal:

This is yet another funny point. This is especially since Cap’s war criminal status is referenced in the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming. After whatever happens in Civil War, Steve finds refuge in Wakanda and takes on his nomad persona. Clearly, Captain America has lost a lot of his identity. He is also struggling to figure out where to go from here.

2) One Of The Worst Things MCU Captain America Did Was Not Tell Sam He Was Leaving To The Past For Good:

Endgame’s ending still has many fans confused, in addition to being upset. When Steve uses time travel to take the Infinity Stones back to the past, he tells everyone that he is going to come back. Instead, he chooses to stay in the past. Subsequently, he returns to the moment as an old man after having lived a different life.

However, in the movie, it is implied that Steve tells Bucky about his decision. Also, he doesn’t tell Sam Wilson, one of his closest allies, about this. Given that Sam has been loyal to Steve and one of his best friends, this is simply not acceptable.

1) Finally, The Worst Thing MCU Captain America Ever Did Was Go To The Past To Marry Peggy Carter:

This is yet another decision that has MCU fans divided. Most fans feel that Steve’s to go back to the past was one of his worst. This decision further gets rid of Peggy’s agency, in a sense. This is especially if he goes back in time in the same timeline.

The main fact here is that Steve leaves all of his friends behind. These are people who need him, and he simply gives upon them. Instead of moving on from the past and being there for them, he easily abandons everyone to go back to the past.

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