5 Great Horror Manga To Spook Your Halloween Spirit (Excluding Junji Ito’s Works)

Horror Manga Junji Ito

Although Junji Ito is considered the master of horror manga, he is far from being the only manga artist of this genre. The many works of horror like Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Elfen Lied, Another, and Perfect Blue are indeed well-known among the fans of Horror manga. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to a lot of readers, many other powerful works of horror remain concealed by their fame.

If you’re interested in reading delectable and intense horror manga unlike any Junji Ito work you have come through, then you may be in luck. We bring to you five books of horror that might satisfy your interest for a juicy horror manga this Halloween season. You might be repulsed, terrified, or simply entertained by the following manga. These are books that you should read for Halloween and beyond.

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Horror Manga Pupa

A weird illness known as the Pupa has afflicted two teenage siblings. All who contract the infection turn into monsters. Yume’s younger sister remains half-transformed into an insatiable monster, while her older brother acquires the power to heal from any harm. In order to prevent his sister from turning into a monster, he lets her eat his flesh. When you’re eating, Pupa is the worst comic to read. Cannibalism is one of those taboos that is just too unsettling for some, even in horror manga, and Pupa depicts it in truly gruesome form.


Horror Manga Genocyber

When a specimen, a 14-year-old girl, escapes out, the lab descends into chaos. The girl, along with her twin, has been enhanced in ways that can turn them into a horrific amalgamation of metal and flesh, capable of wreaking havoc on anyone they come into contact with.

Genocyber is a cyberpunk horror film that combines body horror and cyberpunk. While the same-named OVA is more well-known, Tony Takezaki’s manga maybe even more frightening. The manga, like its more well-known anime version, is short. In some respects, Genocyber’s abruptness adds to its nihilistic tone, as every horrible occurrence appears unjust and out of nowhere. Later horror manga, such as Elfen Lied, owe a lot to this infamous story, although Genocyber is far more terrifying than Elfen Lied.

Blood On The Tracks

Horror Manga Blood On The Tracks

Some terror is ugly, while others are visceral. Other horror stories, on the other hand, are slow descents into human craziness that are solely psychological in nature. Shz Oshimi’s Blood on the Tracks is about a young child who witnesses his mother murdering his cousin and dumping her off a cliff. As the youngster struggles to make sense of the tragic event, he is forced to both defend and fear his mother.

This manga is a slow-burner that focuses only on the terrifying terror of what isn’t shown and expressed. The reader is left guessing what will happen next due to facial expressions and subdued lunacy. Because the protagonist is a little child, he is constantly vulnerable.

Franken Fran

Horror Manga Franken Fran

Franken Fran is a legendary “Be careful what you wish for” series created by creator Katsuhisa Kigitsu. The comic follows Fran, a great scientist’s invention, as she tries to use her intellect to fulfill the wants of her many patrons. However, the majority of these desires are taken literally, resulting in some genuinely terrifying outcomes.

Franken Fran is a combination of body horror and dark comedy. By nature, each chapter is self-contained, with minimal continuity between them. This is not a series for the faint of heart, as some of Fran’s “success stories” are terrifying. Do you wish to live indefinitely? Prepare to live forever as a cancerous tumor mass that replicates indefinitely. Do you want to resurrect your girlfriend? I hope you’re prepared to bring a massive caterpillar home with you. It’s actually rather amusing in a sick sort of manner if you read it with the appropriate perspective.

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The Drifting Classroom

Horror Manga The Drifting Classroom

The Drifting Classroom is a horror manga classic. The Drifting Classroom is a 1972 film directed by Kazuo Umezu about a school that is transferred into a terrifying post-apocalyptic future after an earthquake. The children must therefore survive not just their peers’ descent into lunacy, but also the monstrous life forms that have taken up residence in this natural disaster.

This manga was nominated for a Shogakukan Manga Award in 1974 and has been adapted for live-action television and film. What makes The Drifting Classroom so powerful is Umezu’s ability to bring young characters to life, demonstrating how the youngsters are able to both survive and build a new world in the face of Armageddon. Kazuo Umezu ruled dominant in the horror manga world before Junji Ito.

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