Blue Giant Anime Film To Release in 2022

Blue Giant narrates the story of a beautiful love romance between Dai, the protagonist, and jazz. The original work i.e. the manga has been illustrated in vintage style, a style that is bound to evoke nostalgia in you.

Recently, we’ve received more news about the Blue Giant manga and how it’s receiving an anime adaptation. Here’s everything you need to know about it. 

Blue Giant Anime Movie Release Date

Dai Miyamoto, Yukinori Sawabe, and Yukinori Tamada

It has been confirmed that the manga will be receiving an anime movie adaptation next year in 2022. The mangaka, Shinichi, recently got a hearteningly beautiful illustration that showed the major characters Dai Miyamoto, Yukinori Sawabe, and Yukinori Tamada. Each performs the saxophone, jazz piano, and drums.

The movie has received the green light and there will be more details soon, like the release date, streaming platform and plot details.

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So far, three arcs of the manga have been released. Blue Giant is the first arc, set in Japan, while Blue Giant Supreme is the second arc, situated in Europe. The third ongoing arc set in the United States is Blue Giant Extreme.


Each of the arcs is located in a different country, which also sets the foundation for the drama and plot to take place there. Because the film is based on jazz, it will undoubtedly have to produce an outstanding soundtrack, even if not original as well as musicians who will contribute to the film’s artistic vision. 

The anime film Blue Giant will highlight the first arc of the manga. There is no information available for any sequels or OVAs for the remaining arcs. 


The story of Blue Giant revolves around the passions and aspirations of a boy called Dai Miyamoto who is absolutely fascinated by jazz and yearns to become the best jazz player in the world. Initially interested in basketball, his whole life takes a major turn when he witnesses a live jazz performance and he comes out of that experience deeply touched and inspired.


Without any formal training in music or instrument, his sheer determination and obsession with jazz leads him on to a path that will forever change his life. A wonderfully crafted story about the power of music, without a doubt! 

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