5 Times When A Marvel Character Slept With An Alien


Some heroes will not shy away to go infinity and beyond to get some action. Here are 5 Marvel heroes who have left Earth to knock space boots with aliens.

The characters often court, shack, and seduce each other even when they are light years away from home. With Marvel’s mastery of the expansive space epic expanding on the big screen, some elements of comics are constantly being interpreted for adaptation in an attempt to avoid the dreaded ‘R’ rating.


Tony Stark and Gomora

How could playboy Tony Stark not make it up to the list? In Guardians of the Galaxy # 4 of 2013, Tony Stark goes to a bar in the space to drink with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite being intrigued by his alien technology, Stark spends much of his vacation flirting with Gamora.

Tony and Gamora spend some alone time in the ship for a while, when the reputation of being the most dangerous woman in the universe reveals that she has earned well. After ugly-bumping on the sheets, Gamora goes back to the bar, and Tony lies in bed. After she’s gone all Iron Man could say was “ow.” Well, he should have worn his armour.


Mantis Seduces Vision

You may know her from her on-screen look at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Mantis is a bit tight-lipped Kree-mutant. She actually is also linked to a different Marvel team – the Avengers (she debuted in episode # 112 of the comic, returning in 1973). During her time with the Avengers, Mantis’ affections for her then romantic counterpart, the Swordsman began to fuel out.

Mantis began flirting with Avengers’ resident Synthezoid: Vision, who rejected her, but the two remained friends anyway. Five years later, after Vision separated from the Scarlet Witch, Mantis makes another attempt to seduce the synthezoid. She succeeds at this time, and the two begin to intercourse regularly.


Through the film adaptation, his interest in one of his team-mate Gamora and the dozens of interstellar one-night stands is shown in Guardians of the Galaxy and its related titles, it’s clear that Star Lord has no issues in sleeping with anyone outside his species.

Who’s to say how many different species have shared the bed with Star Lord during the adventure across the universe? More than anyone else on this list who has human blood, that’s for sure. From us at TheNewsFetcher to you, Star Lord: We hope you are playing safe and using protection. Maybe try to make a habit of getting tested frequently.


Silver Surfer (AKA Norrin Radd) and his companion Dawn Greenwood travel with time and space with the episodic Doctor Who-Esque dynamic.
During their adventure, the two companions begin to get closer. As time passes by, they begin to share kisses, and so do the living quarters.

One of the most touching romantic incidents of this pair occurs in the 2017 Silver Surfer # 10. Dawn and Norrin, each fly to opposite ends of the universe and, are forced to find each other. Fighting against all the odds, their reunion occurs. And before the end of this issue, they are in a very sensual and passionate kiss.



Liandra Neramani, a royal member of the Shi’ar dynasty, was brought to Earth with immense mental power, united by Professor X (AKA Charles Xavier) in an attempt to stem the invasion of the Earth by united alien beings such as Z’nox. After Phoenix saved the universe from the destructive power of M’kran Crystal, Lilandra joined Xavier and his X-Men on Earth, where the two began to develop intense feelings that eventually became sexual.

Eventually, Lilandra was appointed Shi’ar Majestrix (the more earth-friendly word would be ‘Empress’). After returning to Shi’ar Home World, she brought her then-lover, Charles Xavier, as her royal consort in X-Men # 110-114. Due to some unfortunate circumstances surrounding the attempted assassination of Xavier by Lilandra herself, the marriage was later cancelled.

And I cursed my fate the entire time writing this article. While these superheroes could score some exotic species, here we are devoid of any actions in this pandemic. Such is mortal life :’)

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