Things We Want To See In Deadpool 3 In Phase 4 of MCU

Is Deadpool A Shard In The Mirror Of The Multiverse's Life?

Deadpool 3 is one of the most hotly anticipated superhero movies in the upcoming years, and here are five things that we want to see in number three.

The Merc With A Mouth Joking About Disney


This time the corporate entity in charge of Deadpool‘s adventures is Disney, who will have to make some jokes at the company’s expense in his next film. It is doubtful whether the studio will invest millions of dollars and distribute a two-hour movie in which Ryan Reynolds makes fun of their brand, but surely executives have a sense of humour.

When it was with Fox, the Pool always prefered going for the jugular, and the studio was a good sport about it. If Deadpool 3 doesn’t have at least some Disney-related jokes, it would be less fun.

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A Post-Credits Scene Teasing The X-Men


The X-Men will come to the MCU, but Marvel will take some time to figure out how to integrate them into the franchise (Kevin Feige has suggested not even calling them “X-Men”), or even his introduction to the studio’s slate before. Meanwhile, superhero fans are eagerly awaiting the third Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds.

So, Deadpool 3 will probably come before any other X-Men movies. With this in mind, the third part should hint X-Men in the post-credits scene. This could be a parody of Iron Man’s post-credits scene, with Nick Fury telling that Pool is now a part of a larger universe.

Deadpool Mentioning The Snap

Adding Deadpool to the MCU is tough, as they have already set two films in a completely different universe. Fortunately for Marvel, Deadpool is a very special character who is 100% aware that he is in the movie, which is controlled by Hollywood Studios. All they have to do is refer to the Disney-Fox merger and boom, he can come to the MCU.

Spider-Man: Far From Home had some humour about the effects of the Snap, but it was all in-universe; it wasn’t self-aware. If the Snap is still fresh in the audience’s minds by the time Deadpool 3 finally reaches theatres, ‘Pool should make some meta jokes about it.

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The Real X-Force Assembles


Under Fox, the initial plan with the third Deadpool movie and the upcoming X-Force spin-off was to release X-Force first to flesh out its characters in time for their appearance in Deadpool 3. However, these plans might change now that Marvel is in charge.

Since Wade Wilson is the only X-Men character not getting a reboot, it stands to reason that his next solo movie will be the first MCU entry to feature any X-Men characters. If this is the case, as fun and unexpected as the fake-out in Deadpool 2 was, it would be great to see the real X-Force assemble on the big screen.

Deadpool Becoming An Avenger


Avengers-Endgame-Deadpool-Fan-Art-Ryan-Reynolds.jpgIn Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson learned the value of family when Colossus and Negasonic recruited him to join the X-Men, and it led him to establish his own superhero team, the X-Force. It was really fun to see Wade in a yellow t-shirt with the “X” logo on it, making fun of the team’s camaraderie and its strong ethical code.

In Deadpool 3, it would be great to see him join the Avengers. The Avengers is a very different team than the X-Men, but it still has plenty of potential for parody. A post-credits scene could see Wade interviewing to join Earth’s mightiest heroes as the team establishes its new line-up.

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