8 Super Cool Iron Man Suits That We Can Only Hope To See In MCU


Hulkbuster, the famous Iron Man suit, recently made its movie debut with the trailer of Age of Ultron. But it isn’t the only suit, there are other Cool Iron Man Suits, which can give the Hulkbuster a run for its money.

1. The Anti-Magneto Suit in Avengers vs. X-Men

Although this suit is not specifically made for Stark, it has a design wherein the wearer will be able to fight Magneto. Additionally, with a name like Iron Man, it is not really a good idea to face off against the Master of Magnetism. Still, Tony did his due preparation for their face-off in Avengers vs. X-Men.

One of the Cool Iron Man Suits, Tony is seen creating this armour entirely out of carbon-Nanotubes. This helps him to avoid the chances of Magneto treating him like a rag doll using his anti-metal powers.

2. The Heavy Duty Armor, Mark I in Marvel Now!: Believe

Heavy Duty Armor Mark I
Heavy Duty Armor Mark I

With Comic Book villains rarely having original ideas, A.I.M. recreates the super-power-granting Extremis Virus in the film. It then sells the Virus to the person who bids the highest for it. Judging by everything, Tony obviously does not like it. He also makes a vow to hunt every single one of its sources and destroy it, literally.

While doing so, he ends up finding a Catacomb in France where 13 Extremis-powered humans were created. Then, he develops a really Cool Iron Man Suit, which is not only high-arsenal but can also battle multiple enemies at once. It has so much weaponry that it can single-handedly destroy a small country’s army. An ultra-powerful forcefield is also present to protect the suit from attacks.

The suit is also used again in Original Sin, in the battle of Ironman Vs Hulk. This is after his latest Hulkbuster is destroyed.

3. Thorbuster Armor in The Invincible Iron Man: Standoff

Asgardian Gem power this famous Iron Man suit. Thor gifted this gem to Humanity to develop a clean energy source. But, due to the rise in political tension between Earth and Asgard over the killing of Asgardian worshippers in Sokovia, Thor turns against the other Avengers.

As a result, he stands against Stark to defend Asgard. This, in turn, makes Tony face off against Thor in this Asgardian crystal powered suit, rivalling the God of Thunder. But everything does not go as planned, especially since Thor destroys the core of this Iron Man Asgardian Buster Armor.

4. The Phoenix Killer Armor in Avengers vs. X-Men


One of the more specialized suits for Iron Man, the Phoenix Killer is designed to destroy the Phoenix Force before it can come back to the Earth. This suit also helps Tony to succeed in obliterating his rival. Stark, after wearing this suit, exterminates the Phoenix Force in 5 different parts.

All does not end well though, as these parts are ultimately in possession of a few X-Men, who create even more forces. These forces, on the other hand, are way more powerful than the singular Phoenix Force.

5. The Hulkbuster Mark II in World War Hulk

The Hulkbuster 2, amongst the Cool Iron Man Suits, is a suit which can help its wearer fight the angry Hulk. The World-Breaker returns to the Earth after spending time at Sakaar. He is angry at Tony along with the members of the Illuminati. This is especially because it is due to them that he went to live in exile.

This suit, created for the battle of Ironman Vs Hulk, did not live up to its expectations though. Even with the immense power and strength, it could not match up to Hulk. He shreds it to pieces simply by collapsing the Avengers Tower on Iron Man.

6. The Anti-Transformer Armor in New Avengers/Transformers: Man and Machine

In this Marvel and Transformers crossover, the Tony Stark of Earth-7642 creates another one of the Cool Iron Man Suits. He does so when he hears rumors of alien robots (probably in disguise) heading to the Earth. This suit has the ability to not only combat them but also possibly defeat them as well.

And while this Transformer-sized Armor is still in the final stages, the Decepticons arrive at Earth, ultimately failing to serve the purpose. It also has numerous problems of energy consumption, thereby forcing Stark to fight in his normal suit.

7. The Galactus-Buster Armor in Armor Wars


With the reboot of Armor Wars, many important arts came into focus. The new and enormous Iron Man Armor also made its debut. In the reveal, the suit can be seen having a design in the Galactus style. It has been designed in a way to fight the cosmic entity if he ever attacks the earth.

It is important to note that this is not the first anti-Galactus armor that has been created. The suit has an alternate version which is smaller. Also, there are inspirations from Galactus’ look in the fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds.

8. The Sorcerer Supreme Armor in What If…Starring Iron Man

In this story, Stark is in a car accident along with Stephen Strange. He also gives the latter the nerve damage in his hands. Stark thereby takes away his ability to cast spells as the sorcerer supreme. Feeling guilty, Stark looks for cures for Strange’s nerve damage and instead worlds the power of Sorcerer Supreme for himself.

He eventually creates this really cool Iron Man suit to combat Dormammu. The eye of Agamatto replaces his usual power core and there is a robotic gauntlet with pre-programmed hand motions for spellcasting. The suit also has a cape.

In conclusion, while all these suits are great, the original Hulkbuster is still any day better.

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