All About Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Release Date And Other Details

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 was recently just published and it had all of us worrying about Jin-woo. Duelling three monarchs on his own is sure to be really tough, even for someone like him, who has the ability to level up almost infinitely. But will he finally be able to gain the upper hand after these last few challenging chapters?

Fans would love that, but there’s also something quite refreshing about Jin-woo struggling for a change. Since he’s portrayed as a massively powerful character, there can be a thin line between fans’ admiration for his incredible strength and getting bored by him winning all the time.

If you’re curious about how the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 160 will unfold, continue reading this!

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Release Date


Solo Leveling chapters are usually released weekly. As per schedule, Solo Leveling Chapter 160 is set to come out this Thursday, July 29 at midnight in Korean Standard Time. In other places, including the US, Canada, and Europe, it will be released as early as Wednesday, the 28th of July.

Because of the two week hiatus back in June, fans have been quite concerned about any further delays. Rest assured though D&C Media usually notifies fans on Twitter if any hiatus is scheduled. So far, Chapter 160’s scheduled release will proceed as normal.

What are Some Expectations for Solo Leveling Chapter 160? 

Chapter 159 made things incredibly challenging for Jin-woo, as he had to battle all three Monarchs at the same time. The situation got even worse after the Monarch of Plague showed up.


Overall, Jin-woo did a great job holding his own ground against the Monarchs, but many fans would have been worried to see him getting injured and actually spitting blood too! The Monarchs prematurely think that they’ve come out victorious since Jinwoo seems dangerously injured. But turns out he has something up his sleeve this entire time and the battle is far from over.

Spoilers aren’t available at the moment but fans expect that in Chapter 160, we will get to see Jin-woo strike back hard against the Monarchs.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Legally Online? 


You can read Solo Leveling Chapter 160 legally on sites such as TappyToon or Tapas Media. If you want more options, you can also try out the Kakao page .

And if you’re someone who wants a print copy, Volume 1 of the manhwa is available in English translation through Yen Press and the rest may also come out soon, as this is a very popular fantasy work.

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