All About The First Love Scene In MCU

Love Scenes: Sersi and Ikaris

You may not realize the importance of the line at the moment, but these 8 words kick off the first love scene in MCU history.

I am yours, Cersei, if you’ll have me.

Sure, there are plenty of romances in Marvel movies — Pepper Potts and Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, Peter Quill and Gamora all come to mind — but some have criticized the fact that, in more than two dozen movies, these supposedly-in-love characters haven’t done what comes naturally.

The First Love Scene In MCU: Sersi and Ikaris
Sersi and Ikaris

In this scene, “Eternals” seeks to reverse the trend by putting it all out there. But this tender moment between Sersi and Ikaris might be the most unsexy sex scene since “Jackie Brown.” There’s less skin on display than if the actors were doing a scene in old-timey bathing suits; they lie down on top of each other, sure, but the Heimlich maneuver has more thrust.


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While this certainly ain’t “Last Tango in Paris“, it is a teensy step forward. Perhaps in future movies, two consenting adults could act like … consenting adults? Such a thing would go a long way towards taking super-powered beings and making them seem more human.

The First Love Scene In MCU made us swoon to see such beautiful people together sharing in their love.

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