Eternals: How Were The Deviants Flawed In Design?


“Eternals” is one of the most ambitious Marvel Studios films to date. It’s an origin story for almost a dozen characters in some capacity, and it introduces a metric ton of new intergalactic lore to the MCU.

It seldom interacts with any existing storylines, meaning all of this is brand new in-universe information. With that many characters and that many moving parts being part of a story that’s thousands of years long, it’s no surprise that certain things don’t get clear resolutions.

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Phase 4 is about introducing new characters and setting up new storylines, so unanswered questions are sometimes a feature just as much as a bug. The Deviants are a bewildering set of characters that add flavour to the show.

Some of these are clearly going to be answered in upcoming installments of the MCU. Others are just head-scratching plot points that may never be brought up again. Either way, we’ve compiled some of the biggest unanswered questions we have after seeing “Eternals.”


This is your last warning: heavy spoilers for “Eternals” follow.

How were the Deviants flawed in design?

For half of “Eternals,” we’re led to believe that the Deviants are an evil alien force that indiscriminately attacks life on various planets. We’re given no reason to doubt that and see the Eternals — who were supposedly created by the Celestials to stop the Deviants — fight them off over the course of countless generations.

Then, about halfway into the movie, we’re thrown a curveball: the Celestials created the Deviants first, as a way to control environments with no natural apex predators. They only became bloodthirsty after a flaw in their design saw them evolve out of control.

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At least one Deviant learns to talk, and confirms this story to the Eternals. But that raises the question: what was the flaw?

Thor: God And Deviants

This is admittedly getting into the weeds a bit, but “Eternals” is a movie packed to the gills with detailed lore. Will we ever learn about the Deviants’ true design, or what went wrong? Are the Deviants themselves aware of this flaw?

Can it be corrected? Given that we haven’t seen the last of the Deviants on Earth and have barely seen them on any other planets at all, we might find out one day. Or it’ll never be brought up again. Place your bets.

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