Texas Sends Out Amber Alert for Child’s Play’s ‘Chucky Doll’ and Son ‘Glen’


Texas Department of Public Safety issued a local Amber Alert for Abducted Child. It was issued for the missing son, Glen, of the horror film star Chucky Doll.

The Amber Alert is typically sent out for actual missing children.

As reported by KENS-5 TV, in the case of Chucky Doll‘s son, Glen, this alert was sent at three different times to the subscribers of Texas Alert System, Texas Department of Public Safety.

To easily identify the Chucky doll and his son, Glen, here is how they look like.

Later, a statement from the State Department of Public safety was issued. The Statement said, ” The alerts were sent in error. It is a result of a test malfunction.” It also included: ” We apologize for the confusion this may have caused and are diligently working to ensure this does not happen again.

A statement to KPRC-2 TV said the Chucky and Glen message was supposed to be a test that accidentally went out. But it is still a terrifying thing that the alert was sent ‘ at three different times’.

For a brief time, everyone thought the horror movie stars were on the loose. But, it just turned out to be an error. So, chill.

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