6 Types of Tattoos That Artists Personally Hate Doing It

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”― Johnny Depp.

Getting a tattoo is a life-long commitment. You have to choose wisely. But, some tattoos are repetitive, and many tattoo artists secretly hate them. Scroll down to see 6 tattoos that artists personally hate doing.

1. Celebrity Inspired

There is always a die-hard fanbase of celebrities who want to ink the same tattoos on the same place where their favorite celebrities have got one. However, this is a very irrational idea to have a celebrity inspired tattoo because a tattoo on your body defines your life, not your favorite celebrity’s.

2. Common Designs


Roses, pocket watches, and roman numerals are also some of the most commonly seen tattoos on people. The riskiest thing is to tattoo the designs in fashion because fashion comes and goes. So, it’s advised to tattoo something that will hold meaning to your life even when you get older.

3. Names

Not only one’s name but what infuriates the artists, even more is that people tattoo their partners’ names, and statistically, they are the ones to get them removed sooner than anyone.

4. Infinity & Beyond


The infinity symbol is one of the most common designs worldwide. So, it’s not a surprise that artists get bored of doing the design. There is no one good reason why the artists wouldn’t get bored of them.

5. Feathers & Birds


\Feathers and birds’ tattoos are a very basic choice, and according to artists, these tattoos lack originality and inspiration. Also, what’s the logic in having a tattoo that everyone has?

6. Tiny tattoos


The main reason why tattoo artists don’t prefer tiny tattoos Is that they don’t last long. The artists prefer big tattoos with thick lines over small tattoos with fine lines because they last longer.

Every tattoo should hold meaning in your life. Do good research and thinking before getting a tattoo as it is a life long commitment.

Let us know your thoughts about these tattoos in the comment box. Mention your favorite tattoo designs.

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