Anime Deaths With Lasting Repercussions

Significant deaths often play a major role in shaping an anime’s narrative. It is surprising, to witness a death that has such a profound and lasting impact on the rest of the characters. Here is everything you need to know about the anime deaths with lasting repercussions.

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Satoru Seeks To Erase A Tragic Past: ErasedSatoru Seeks To Erase A Tragic Past: Erased

Erased tells the story of Satoru Fujinuma as he is transported eighteen years into the past following his mother’s murder in the present. Soon after, Satoru deduces that his mother’s murder must somehow be connected to the kidnapping and killing of his classmate, Kayo.

Despite having changed the past and saved Kayo from her tragic fate, Satoru does not end up with his childhood crush. She moves on to the future with someone else. This doesn’t change the fact that it is Kayo’s death that sets Satoru’s journey in motion.

Tem’s Murder Causes Unrest Among The Herbivores: BeastarsTem's Murder Causes Unrest Among The Herbivores: Beastars

Beastars is easily one of the best anthropomorphic series in all of anime. The herbivore Tem was brutally murdered on campus by a carnivore. It threatens to cause an irreparable rift between the pupils of Cherryton Academy.

The herbivore community is now concerned over their wellbeing and they’re all less trusting of carnivores. Beastar’s protagonist Legoshi eventually discovers the identity of Tem’s murderer. In the end, Legoshi defeats the bear responsible in battle.

Koito’s Suicide Drastically Changes Ai’s Life: Wonder Egg PriorityKoito's Suicide Drastically Changes Ai's Life: Wonder Egg Priority

For the Wonder Egg Priority protagonist Ai, it is the suicide of her best friend Koito that sends her on a scintillating journey into the unknown. Ai’s journey entails meeting three other teenage girls who similarly seek answers to the suicide of someone they knew.

Koito’s death remains the center of attention throughout Wonder Egg Priority. As Ai explores the reasons behind her friend’s decision to take her own life while frequenting a mysterious world in her sleep.

Thorfinn Will Stop At Nothing To Avenge His Father: Vinland SagaThorfinn Will Stop At Nothing To Avenge His Father: Vinland Saga

One of the Vinland Saga’s most shocking scenes is young Thorfinn is forced to watch his father murdered. Infuriated by his father’s murder, Thorfinn vows revenge on the man responsible. He follows Askeladd and his band of mercenaries on their venture.

Thors’ untimely death plays a major role in Thorfinn’s maturing from a boy to a warrior, as the rest of Vinland Saga focuses on his desire to gain revenge.

Light Inadvertently Fashions His Own Downfall With L’s Murder: Death NoteLight Inadvertently Fashions His Own Downfall With L's Murder: Death Note

Death Note has known for being one of the very best anime. After a long and grueling investigation into the identity of Kira, L finally meets his end. Light, having developed a serious God complex, declares himself “God of the New World.”

He’s confident that he no longer has anything to worry about after defeating his greatest adversary. This triumph doesn’t last long, as L is succeeded by the incredibly capable Near.

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