Tokyo Revengers: The Saddest Episodes, Ranked

Here is everything you need to know about Tokyo Revengers: the saddest episodes, ranked.

Resist: Takemichi Is Brutally Beaten With A Baseball BatResist: Takemichi Is Brutally Beaten With A Baseball Bat

Takemichi returns to the past for the second time in “Resist” and is immediately thrown into the lion’s den. After being knocked out too quickly in Kiyomasa’s fighting ring, Takemichi takes a beating at the hands of Kiyomasa and his gang. Following the beating, Takemichi notices who Kiyomasa is and asks to be introduced to Toman’s leader.

Annoyed by Takemichi’s audacious request, Kiyomasa beats him brutally with a baseball bat, which subsequently makes Takemichi question whether he’s capable of saving Hina at all.

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Reborn: Takemichi’s Traumatic Middle School Past Is RevealedReborn: Takemichi's Traumatic Middle School Past Is Revealed

Tokyo Revengers wastes little time introducing fans to the bleak events in store for its protagonist, Takemichi. He learns that Hina and her brother Naoto were killed in a gang dispute. Then the 26-year-old loner is pushed in front of an oncoming train.

However, instead of dying, Takemichi finds himself thrust 12 years into the past. From there, Takemichi and his friends take a vicious beating from Kioymasa and his gang. Takemichi is forced to remember just how awful that time was for him.

Dead Or Alive: Takemichi Witnesses Kazutora Stab BajiDead Or Alive: Takemichi Witnesses Kazutora Stab Baji

As the Toman and Valhalla battle wages on, Takemichi wraps his arms around Baji’s waist in the hope of protecting him from impending doom. Baji tries to break free to no avail before Kazutora stuns everyone by sticking a knife into his back.

Not only does Kazutora betray Baji, but Takemichi also ends up being the reason Baji is stabbed in the first place. For all his troubles, Takemichi is forced to witness another traumatic event unfold right before his eyes.

One And Only: Baji Stabs Himself To Stop MikeyOne And Only: Baji Stabs Himself To Stop Mikey

After stabbing Baji and suffering a brutal beating from Mikey, Kazutora realizes that Baji was the one person he could rely on. Baji is concerned for Kazutora’s well-being. He calls out to Mikey to get him to stop before mustering enough strength to walk over to his downed friend.

Baji tells Kazutora that he won’t die by his hand, then pulls out a knife and plunges it into his own belly. Shortly after, in one of the series’ most heart-wrenching moments, Baji dies in Chifuyu’s arms.

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Revenge: Takemichi Helplessly Witnesses Hina’s DeathRevenge: Takemichi Helplessly Witnesses Hina's Death

Takemichi returns to the present after saving Draken. He reunites with Naoto in a present where Hina is still alive. Hina effectively professes her love to Takemichi, taking him by surprise. Takemichi composes himself in a public toilet while Hina returns to Naoto’s car only to be rammed into by a vehicle driven by Akkun.

Takemichi rushes to the scene and sees Akkun briefly before his car explodes. Then dashes to Naoto’s vehicle where Hina is trapped beneath the twisted metal. Takemichi hurriedly confesses his love for Hina mere moments before the car explodes, and kills her.

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