Anime Villains With Great Childhoods

Anime Villains With Great Childhoods

Many anime villains attribute their worst atrocities to a poor childhood. Although their crime can’t be an excuse but it helps to better explain their actions while making them easier to sympathize with. In some cases, they were even forced to become evil, having been groomed that way ever since adolescence. Here is everything you need to know about some of the anime villains who had great childhoods.

Avatar: AzulaAzula: Anime Villains With Great Childhoods

Azula was Fire Nation’s princess in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although her mother’s disappearance was difficult for her, she otherwise enjoyed a childhood of unparalleled happiness and bliss. Ozai didn’t demand any of her that she did not eagerly partake in, especially in order to receive his approval.

What made Azula’s life especially charming was that she was frequently successful in her missions. The princess’ greatest victory was her capture of Ba Sing Se, an enemy city that her people had been trying to sack for many years.

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One Piece: CharlossCharloss: Anime Villains With Great Childhoods

Charloss had arguably the best childhood in One Piece. As a member of the Celestial Dragons, his privilege and wealth effectively allowed him to do whatever he wanted. Many commoners treated him like a god, whether buying into propaganda or out of fear for what the World Government could do to them if they refused.

Charloss did not use his unrivaled influence for good. Instead, he partook in barbaric practices such as the Sabaody slave trade. Additionally, Charloss attempted to assault Shirahoshi at the Reverie, which nearly sparked an international incident.

Death Note: Light YagamiLight Yagami

Despite becoming the greatest monster in Death Note, Light Yagami could not blame his upbringing. Raised in a stable home with a loving family, L offered him a promising career in criminal justice. Granted, it was to determine whether or not he was Kira, though he still had an opportunity that was allowed to go to waste.

However, Light’s desire for power and control overshadowed his need for stability. He continued his killings as Kira and even murdered L to protect his identity.

Code Geass: LelouchLelouch: Anime Villains With Great Childhoods

Code Geass’ Lelouch had a mostly happy childhood. Although outcast from Britannia by his father, he still enjoyed luxuries and a happy high school life among friends who loved and cared for him.

All the same, Lelouch could not let go of the past and wanted to help the local Japanese people. Unfortunately, his Geass enabled an already insatiable desire to control people, eventually rendering him the most despised person on the planet. In the end, Lelouch’s desire to change Britannia cost him his life.

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Attack On Titan: Lara TyburLara Tybur

Lara Tybur was the War Hammer Titan in Attack On Titan. As a member of the Tyburn family, she avoided Eldian persecution. Given her bloodline, she was granted splendor that not only to other Eldians but also many Marleyans didn’t have access to.

In reality, the Tybur family controlled Marley, which made Lara among the most politically powerful people in the entire nation. However, since she never needed to fight, she was grossly unprepared for Eren’s invasion and was defeated soundly in spite of her superior power.

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