Anti-Defection law exists in Bengal, Governor says

Anti-defection law exists warns governor

West Bengal governor says that Anti-defection law is applicable in Bengal as they are in other states.

Earlier, West Bengal BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari with 50 MLA’s met Jagdeep Dhankar and submitted a memorandum.

The memorandum was on the post-poll situation in the state and also raised four concerns.

This meeting comes after BJP leader Mukul Roy returned to TMC on Friday.


There is speculation many more BJP leaders will be switching sides to TMC.

Mukul Roy left BJP amid a growing rift among him and BJP members.

He left with his son Subrangshu who also defected.

Mr. Adhikari says this is the ‘dirty politics’ of TMC.


Action will be taken through Anti-Defection law, he added.

Mr. Adhikari says that the law was never implemented in Bengal.

However, as the leader of the opposition, he would ensure its implementation.

He says it will take 2 to 3 months.


In a press conference, Dhankar spoke on the Anti-Defection laws and warned it is applicable.

He also raised his concern about the political violence in the State.

Dhankar says currently no one in Bengal is free from fear.

He requests everyone to stop violence and adopt a positive approach.


Violent incidents have marred Bengal after TMC’s win.

Because of clashes among BJP and TMC workers many have dead.

The anti-defection law in India was enacted to address the problem of instability caused by elected legislators.

Offenses include shifting parties and disobeying their parties’ decisions at critical times.


In addition to addressing the instability of government, it also addresses corrupt practices.





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