Attack on Titan: Captain Levi Ackerman’s Past


The No Regrets Manga gives a detailed look into the “Humanity’s Strongest” and the reason why Levi is the way he is.


Finally, the answers we needed!

With so many emotional revelations and the pain Levi Ackerman has gone through, it’s fitting that he takes time to trust and start connecting to people.

From saving Armin over Erwin to choosing to trust Eren, so many more things have been done by Levi that made us go, “What??” The detailed story of Levi’s underground days and the induction into the Survey Corps gives us the answers we needed.


No Regrets Manga

As known already, Levi had a criminal past. We don’t know how much info you know about his history so let us take you through everything we know.

No Regrets manga was written by Gun Snark and illustrated by Hikaru Suruga. Two spinoff episodes also exist, but it’s not that detailed as the manga due to time constraints.


Mother and Uncle

Levi Ackerman in Attack of the Titan

Levi’s mother, Kuchel, is a sex worker in the underground slums who was made pregnant by one of her clients. Kuchel died when Levi was young. Kuchel’s brother, Kenny, found Levi while he comes to visit his sister one day.

Kenny takes him and raises him, but he is no father figure. After Levi grew up, Kenny leaves him and moves away, leaving Levi with no family.


Teenage Thug

Levi Ackerman has exceptional skills, which got him some thug missions in the underworld; he later meets with Furlan Church, another teen of the same age. And they become friends after some time. Isabel Magnolia, another teen, then join them.

Levi, Isabel, and Furlan ran a renowned gang. They were remarkable with the 3D maneuver gear, which made them a force to reckon with in the underground world. But it wasn’t enough for the trio. They wanted to get out of this shadowy world.


Thugs for the Hire


Right around that time, they got hired by a politician to carry on a small heist by infiltrating into the Survey Corps, and in return, they were promised citizenship. The mission didn’t go according to plan, but they were immediately recruited into Survey Corps with their exemplary skills.

Before they could steal the documents, they were sent on a mission where Furlan and Isabel die. Levi is left heartbroken and then decides to slaughter every Titan for Isabel and Furlan.

Past defines your Future!

He saw the same friendship he had with Furlan and Isabel in Eren and his two friends. The events that happened to Levi in the past have been the reason why many decisions he took later were out of character.

He never forgot his two friends, who were more than just friends to Levi. Furlan, Isabel, Petra, Mike, Erwin, and much more already dead; it’s clear Levi has witnessed the endless tragedy. It’s only natural with the world he lives in, but it still shapes his resolve to ensure that this cycle of tragedy is ended soon.

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