Spider-Man 3: Peter Parker’s School Will Play a Vital Role

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The pandemic has changed the world order, and there is nothing any of us can do to bring it back immediately other than wait and let the vaccine come out.


Typical High School Kid

But that cannot affect the schedule of big studios like Marvel, who have big laid out plans years ahead and do productions with millions in investment. Spider-Man 3, one of the most anticipated movies of phase 4, is right now being filmed in Atlanta.

While Spider-Man movies usually are done in studios as it requires a lot of VFX work for the web-slinging hero, they sometimes need to take scenes of Peter Parker in his normal part of life, which requires the typical high school kid’s backgrounds.


Immediately Picking Up 

Spider-man 3 picks up with the Far from Home ending

What am I blabbering? Wait, it will make sense. When ‘Far from Home’ ended, we knew Peter Parker was in a hella lot of trouble. With his identity being exposed, and it’s not in any way just a bad dream.

Spider-Man 3 was supposed to immediately pick up after ‘Far from Home’ events as Zendaya (MJ) and Tom Holland (Peter Parker) were seen filming and doing stunts in the same dress as the last scene in Far from Home.

Gandalf, the big old Wizard

Now no use sitting and thinking what will happen because frankly, it’s nearly useless to do so with Marvel. But we can do one thing; we can look at all the news we get from Atlanta and sit like a wise old wizard with a big beard and say, “Hmmm….interesting”.

So, what do we have now, you ask? I Will let you know. Remember the school which was shown in Homecoming and Far from Home?? Peter Parker’s school? Yeah, the one which had a lot of scenes in the first movie but had lesser in the second due to the kids traveling Europe and all (lucky bastards), Midtown School of Science and Technology.


Negotiations with Atlanta Public Schools Board

Tom Holland also said he doesn’t understand American Schools

This school in Spider-Man was actually filmed in two schools in Atlanta and were not done in sets. But due to the pandemic, all the schools are closed, and the request to film a movie and open the school for it is right now the least of the priorities for the Atlanta Public School board.

Marvel is right now negotiating with the board, and one such email was gotten hold of by the press, which in short says that filming in both the schools is vital for the movie’s success. While there are more terms of negotiations, the Marvel team accepts that it is time-sensitive and knows what they are asking for.

What does this mean?

Well, for one, it gives a significant spoiler. It means that the school will play a substantial part in the movie now that Peter Parker’s identity has been revealed. Not only was it just revealed, but he was also accused of being a murderer.

Now that news is about to take the world by a storm; there will definitely be repercussions. We detect from this that Peter’s schoolmates’ reactions, his enemies lurking around the school to catch him, he himself hiding in it to avoid the press, and so many more scenes will probably be filmed in the school. And that is perhaps why Marvel is pleading with the board to permit to use the schools rather than build a set and use it.

That means more of Peter’s friends will be seen. Maybe they might start helping him too…..I mean, you will never know!!!!


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