Attack on Titan Episode 82 Reveals Floch’s Tyranny

Attack on Titan Episode 82

Floch’s development from a terrified coward with severe anxiety issues to an evil man who won’t hesitate to kill to meet his goals is one of the most soul-chilling ones in the entire anime series. Floch’s tyranny took a turn for the worse in Attack on Titan Episode 82 as we saw how depraved he could be in his interactions with the volunteers from Marley.

Even our protagonists like Jean Kirstein were totally helpless in front of Floch and the Yeagerists as he was unarmed and the Yeagerists had the full support of many. Let us take a look at the recent scenes from the latest episode that highlights Floch’s tyranny.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23

Floch’s Tyranny: Floch Murders a Volunteer

The scene starts with Floch shooting the hand of a Volunteer for daring to resist his orders. When Jean tells him that he’s gone too far and asks him who made him the boss here, Floch goes on a rant about how Eren’s plan to wipe out the world has succeeded after ten years of revealing his plan.

He boasts about how the lands from where the volunteers will be wiped out and all that will remain is the giant footprints of the marching Titans. They listen in horror as they realize how demented Floch is to believe in Eren’s grotesque plans of genocide.

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He then offers them the chance to live if they lend their strength to the Eldian empire. When the volunteer who had been shot earlier in the hand speaks up in resistance, Floch stops him and shoots him in the head without any hesitation.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23: Floch murders a volunteer

Jean stares at the horrible spectacle in shock as he is unable to fathom how the distinctions between evil and good have completely vanished. Floch warns the other volunteers that this is the same consequence that they’ll face if they dare to resist the will of the Eldians or more accurately, his wish.

The other volunteers are escorted out of the building by the Survey Corps soldiers. The sight is an ironic one and points to how the wings of freedom have become the wings of tyranny and violence.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23: Floch's Tyranny

Mikasa too arrives on the scene and enquires about what’s going on as he explains how Eren’s Rumbling will solve all problems that Eldians face.

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