Attack on Titan: Everything You Need To Know About The Founding Titan


The Founding Titan is one of the Nine Titans that was once in the ownership of the Reiss family, who passed it down from age to age. Its shouts can adjust the brains of both people and Titans, however, on account of the previous, a few bloodlines are absolved from its capacity. It is as of now in the ownership of Eren Yaeger, in spite of the fact that Eren’s absence of royal blood implies the Titan is unusable in its present structure.

Attack on Titan Female Founding Titan

The Warriors try to recover the Founding Titan’s capacity for Marley, and they consider it the “Coordinate” on the grounds because it is where all ways meet.

Abilities of The Founding Titan

The Founding Titan’s capacity is utilized by shouting/screaming. Whoever is in control of the Founding Titan doesn’t need to change so as to use its capacities, and the screams of a human would do the trick. Besides, the shouts don’t need to be uproarious or even “shouts”: Frieda Reiss had the option to utilize the memory adjustment capacity by coolly talking, despite the fact that her target was just Historia who was directly in front her.

Titan control

Eren Unleashes the Coordinate Ability of Founding Titan

By shouting, the Founding Titan concedes its client the capacity to control Titans freely and cause them to follow all their intentions. This was shown by Eren Jaeger, who unexpectedly instructed nearby Pure Titans to eat Dina Fritz’s Titan and assault the Armored Titan.

It seems, by all accounts, to be just viable on Pure Titans, although those with the intensity of the Titans can, in any case, feel its impact. It was likewise utilized by the First Reiss King to assemble the Walls, ordering numerous Colossal Titans to solidify their bodies and restrict themselves into the subsequent structures.


In earlier times, Eldia used to utilize this capacity to order a multitude of Titans for war; in any case, when released, these Titans became weapons of mass annihilation that would butcher Eldia’s adversaries.

This capacity has no known range, despite the fact that the First Reiss King utilized it to order Colossal Titans that span over an enormous bit of Paradis Island. Rod Reiss asserted that this power has the ability to clear out all the Titans, whenever used to its maximum capacity.

Memory manipulation

The Founding Titan can alter the psyches and memories of the Subjects of Ymir, even for an entire population immediately. This capacity is identified with the Titan control capacity: As supported by Erwin Smith, Titans are basically transformed people (explicitly, the Subjects of Ymir); consequently, the screams that control the minds of the previous ought to influence the latter too.

Paradis Island

It was utilized by the First King to cause the Subjects of Ymir inside the Walls to forget the historical backdrop of the world before the Walls’ establishment. It was likewise utilized by Frieda Reiss to evacuate Historia’s memories of her visits. Any individual who is not a Subject of Ymir is unaffected by this power.


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