Where Can You Find The Best Anime – Free and Legal Sources


The current global scenario has made anime’s popularity to rise significantly. If you are confused about where to find and watch animes, we have researched and found 8 such sources. The sources are free and legal so you can relax while watching your favourite show. Some of them have over a thousand animes to choose from.


Ani-One is a YouTube channel and available worldwide. Animations are in categories, for ease of searching. Some of the famous animes you can watch on Ani-One are Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches, The Millionaire Detective Balance, Sing Yesterday for me, Tokyo Raven, A place further than the universe and Haikyuu(OVA).

2. Muse Asia

Muse Asia is a YouTube channel content only available for South-east Asia. You can watch shows with multiple language subtitles. It has over 1.6 Million Subscribers. 


AnimeLog – Free and Legal way to watch over 3000 Animes

Some popular animes that are available in Muse Asia are: One punch man (Limited time)The God of Highschool, Goblin Slayer, A Certain Magical Index, Hyouka, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious and many more. Muse Asia also includes live streaming of anime games play.

3. Gundamlnfo

GundamInfo is yet another YouTube channel available in most country. It has almost all Gundam series and movies; Iron blooded orphan and few more. With over 1.5 Million subs GundamInfo is another anime huge you should visit for your daily watch.


4. Anilog

Anilog is a new YouTube channel, available because only available for our friends at japan for currently. But it reportedly will be providing content for the global audience to watch upcoming animes with official subtitles. A lot more animes will be made available and free to enjoy by collaborating with multiple anime studios including Toei Animation which has produced anime series like Dragon Ball, Onepiece and Digimon. Anilog is planning to add 3000 Anime titles by the end of 2022.


5. Anime-Planet

This website is free, but the availability of animes is highly depended on the country you are living in. We would suggest using a VPN. It has over 200 Anime titles including many popular animes like Naruto, Onepiece, Jo Jo-Jo and Food Wars The Fifth Plate and many others.

6. Crunchyroll

If you are an anime weeb, you probably know about Crunchyroll. This site has more than 850 Anime titles and one of the largest streaming websites. Crunchyroll offers both free and paid plans. Premium or the paid users get access to high resolution with no ads and can watch episodes as soon as it is released, while the free users have to wait for a week to enjoy the same animes. The problem is a lot of their content is country restricted or region blocked.

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7. Funimation

This website is currently available in USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand with more than 300 anime titles. It is both paid and free. While there is no wait time as Crunchyroll, at Funimation free users have to watch anime with ads.

8. Netflix

Netflix is not renowned for anime, but in the last few years, it has included much popular anime titles. Netflix now has one of the largest anime libraries and is continuously expanding. Some of the Netflix original include Castlevania, Devil Man crybaby and Tokyo Sinks 2020.

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