Augustus and Hazel’s Story in Nutshell: The Fault in Our Stars

Augustus and Hazel

It all started with them meeting at the Support Group and ended with us in tears. Their love blossomed from okay being their thing to kissing in public, from Augustus staring at Hazel to Hazel shying away and finding a perfect match for her.

Some love stories aren’t meant to last forever, as Hazel and Augustus showed us, but what matters is giving it your all, even if the future is uncertain. They both shared the purest form of love, which left us awestruck.

Augustus was so sure of Hazel that even if he only had a few days left, he cared for her, loved her, and gave up everything he had to make those days memorable in Hazel’s life. The connection proved that even if Augustus died, he was still present in Hazel’s soul.

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Augustus’s eulogy

Augustus’s eulogy, in which he expressed what Hazel meant to him, left us speechless because it was more than words could ever describe. As already said, it is your intentions that matter.

Oh! how they both absorbed each other despite their illness. Yes, they demonstrated that love has no bounds or excuses. It is the only force that can turn the most painful thing into something satisfying.

Isn’t it lovely how this love never causes you to consider abandoning each other? That is precisely what Augustus and Hazel did. Bodies with different forms of cancer, but souls that dipped into each other’s, and in the end, it was all about seeing Augustus in Hazel’s eyes and heart. It ultimately portrays Augustus’ soul as having found its soulmate and devoted itself to Hazel.

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