Did Wally and Kassie end up together in The Switch?

Wally and Kassie

If Wally hadn’t revealed the truth about Sebastian, the whole story of The Switch would have taken different turns.

Wally and Kassie’s relation

Wally and Kassie have been best friends for a long time but have never really dated. Kassie had turned 30, and she wanted to become a mother. She kept this worry in front of Wally, and he was startled, which would be an understatement.

Kassie started looking for an offer to help her become a mother, which was big news to him. She didn’t find a suitable relationship but wanted to be a mother. At last, she found Roland.

Roland gave her the offerings, but Wally replaced them with his offerings while he was drunk. He didn’t remember about the same few days later. After seven years, Kassie shifted to her hometown and returned to Wally’s city.

The Switch: A Fun Fertility Farce: - SM Mirror

He met Kassie’s six-year-old son Sebastian, a cute, innocent child. Kassie still used to think that Sebastian was Roland’s son until one night, Wally revealed the truth before Roland could propose.

Kassie slapped him and left. A few days later, she contacted him again and said yes to his marriage proposal. In the end, they did end up together and lived happily ever after with their kid Sebastian.

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