Best Anime Opening Themes Of All Time, Ranked

The opening theme for an anime is almost as important as the anime series itself. The opening sets the tone, gives the feel, and introduces the viewers to what they are getting into. Here are the best anime opening themes of all time, ranked.

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“Duvet” by Bôa: Serial Experiments Lain"Duvet" by Bôa: Serial Experiments Lain: Best Anime Opening Themes

Serial Experiments Lain is one of the most criminally underappreciated anime of its time. The show focuses on a communications network called Wired while exploring themes of communication and identity.

Serial Experiments Lain’s opening is pretty unique. “Duvet” was written and performed by the British alternative band Bôa. Alternative rock isn’t always paired with anime openings, but this perfectly complements the OP’s beautiful visuals.

“The Day” by Porno Graffiti: My Hero Academia"The Day" by Porno Graffiti: My Hero Academia

“The Day” by Porno Graffiti is the first opening for My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia has very good opening themes throughout its seasons that fans love. The opening theme perfectly dictates the type of character Deku is going to be.

On a journey to become the #1 Hero, the song gives the impression that Deku must give it everything he’s got.

“Uragiri no Yuuyake” by Theater Rock: Durarara!!"Uragiri no Yuuyake" by Theater Rock: Durarara!!: Best Anime Opening Themes

Durarara!! was pretty big back when it aired in 2010, and it still cultivates a healthy fan base to this day. Durarara!! is a supernatural mystery series set in downtown Tokyo with lots of action. With its massive cast of characters and intertwining plot points, there was something for everyone.

Theater Rock’s “Uragiri no Yuuyake” perfectly captures the mood of the show. It shows off the first season’s main cast while giving some insight into their dynamics with each other as the upbeat track ties everything together.

“The Hero” by JAM Project: One-Punch Man"The Hero" by JAM Project: One-Punch Man

When “The Hero” was played during One-Punch Man’s release, it took the internet by storm. The iconic “One Punch!” lyric to open the song captured the hearts of fans.

“The Hero” has themes of justice and fits the satirical theme of One-Punch Man. The chorus draws from themes of not wanting the accolades that come with being a hero, such as fame and bringing happiness to those saved.

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“Unravel” by TK; Tokyo Ghoul"Unravel" by TK; Tokyo Ghoul

A beautiful display of vocals, Tokyo Ghoul’s “Unravel” is the runner-up. The opening theme is done by TK, the vocalist, and guitarist of the band Ling Tosite Sigure. The band is known for its work in Psycho-Pass, but TK has done many solo openings.

The lyrics talk about Ken Kaneki as he struggles to find who he is. The song acts as a breaking point for Ken as he finally comes to terms with himself. Unravel” is the only opening theme in the first season of Tokyo Ghoul.

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