Demon Slayer Closes 2021 Summer Olympics with Iconic Theme Song


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has soared so high when it comes to commercial success and amassing a massively devoted fandom. This hit series is among Japan’s best selling manga at the moment, and its anime is incredibly popular and has been shattering records left and right ever since it came out in 2019.

This means Tanjiro is a super easy character to spot in most places these days, and now it seems the Olympics is no exception.

What Exactly Happened at the Olympics Event? 


The Summer Olympics came to a close this weekend in Japan, and naturally, there was a lot of focus on the closing ceremony. Netizens were curious about whether the closing remarks would be as interesting as the opening, so they were tuning in as the event started wrapping up. But to much unexpected surprise, the ceremony’s live band caught huge attention with a ska rendition of the Demon Slayer’s theme song we’re all super familiar with.


Yes, you absolutely read that correctly. “Gurenge” by LiSA has been given a ska makeover, and it is a complete delight for so many of us fans.

You should definitely go check out the cover as soon as you’re done reading this! Demon Slayer fans were elated to hear the iconic track even if it wasn’t the original version, but some fans wished LiSA had been there to perform. Unfortunately, the event’s COVID-19 restrictions might have prevented the concert, and there is also LiSA’s own schedule to take into account.

Singer LiSA of Demon Slayer’s Season 1 Opening Track ‘Gurenge’ Has Gone on Hiatus


If you were not previously aware, the A-list singer reportedly went on an indefinite hiatus this month. This news was revealed after reports surfaced about LiSA’s husband being spotted with some other woman. The infidelity allegations are still being processed in Japan, and LiSA is not the only person taking a hiatus over this scandal.


Her husband Tasuhisa Suzuki, who is a voice actor and a singer, has also gone on hiatus after the news broke. Of course, netizens only have the best wishes for LiSA at this sensitive time, and many would love for her to return and contribute again to the highly anticipated second season of Demon Slayer.

Her work on “Gurenge” for season one is much beloved and fans are hopeful that LiSA will once again oversee the theme of season two. The show is scheduled to return to television in October, so hopefully everything works out.

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