Best Comic Stories of Doctor Strange That You Should Know

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Doctor Strange: The Best Comics to Read

Doctor Strange has been in full swing since its introduction, in many different genres and settings. Some of his most memorable arcs, however, favor the more frightening threats he faces.

Let’s take a closer look at the best and most famous horror-tinged Strange stories to read.



Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s first look at Doctor Strange, Strange Tales # 110, also included the first glimpse of Doctor Strange’s most stable and dangerous enemies: Nightmare. The lord of the psychedelic dream dimension that mentally tortures sleeping souls, Nightmare revolves around his land on his steed, Dreamstalker.



Set in a particularly spooky run of Doctor Strange tales, “Don’t Pay the Ferryman” by Peter Gillis, Chris Warner, and Scott Williams, Doctor Strange is fatally wounded and in hospital. We see an astral form of him is trying to assist the surgeon in saving him.

Although the concept of Doctor Strange helping during his surgery was used in the first Doctor Strange, this story is a good indicator of what a completely horror-driven Doctor Strange story might look like. It is full of horror scenes and dangerous sorcery, with his mystical allies Wang and Sapphire captured by a gang of gangsters.



Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch’s Avengers: Disassembled, launched a series of major events in the Marvel Universe that helped to restructure the Avengers and bring them to the forefront of publishers. But before rebuilding the team, the old version of the team had to be toppled. One of the oldest members of the team, Wanda Maximoff, was behind the team’s downfall.

Insane with a shocking revelation about her past, Scarlett’s witch’s mind snaps, and she uses her power to change her reality against the team. This leads to the direct death of multiplying heroes such as Scott Lang and Vision. The sequel to House of M shows how powerful she is, as she reshapes reality. 



With the blade of Maharshala Ali soon to make its MCU debut, Marvel’s vampires will go to the MCU long ago. Doctor Strange is a frequent enemy of vampires like Dracula, and “The Montesi Formula” is a good show of its own.

The story of Roger Stern, Gene Colon, and Stephen Lialloha from Doctor Strange # 59-62 continues the crossover that runs through Thor and the Avengers. This is the reason why Doctor Strange, Blade, and the Scarlet Witch work together to try and use the ancient Montesi Formula, which destroys all the vampires on Earth. This is a good demonstration of how well Doctor Strange works in a horror genre and shows how to bring different Marvel magic characters together. It also includes the version of Marvel’s Dracula, which is a pure lyrical but deadly adaptation of the classic literature villain.



Steve Englehart, Frank Bruner, and Cory Adams’ running from Marvel Premiere # 3-10 saw Doctor Strange go up against many of his deadliest enemies, including Nightmare. It also introduced Shuma-Gorath, a multi-faceted and divine creature from another dimension.

Reminiscent of the horror and atmospheric horror stories of H.P. The arrival of Lovecraft and Shuma-Gorath is a major cause of alarm for the land. It took the combined power of Strange and Ancient to deal with a giant, evil creature. In the end, Shuma-Gorath tried to serve and bond with the Ancient One and was forced to make the impossible choice to stop the strange creature. Shuma-Gorath then reappears on the line and is a cosmic-level threat that can run across the multiverse to target the Earth, giving it the title Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. 

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