Did MCU Forget About One of Thor’s Most Destructive Powers?


Thor’s introductory film contained most of his devastating abilities that MCU fans have never seen again. Here are all the details.

The MCU is full of powerful superheroes, but arguably the most powerful Thor (Chris Hemsworth). With incredible power, the ability to summon lightning, his trusty hammer, and the power of flight, Thor has faced the Avengers’ most formidable enemies. But during the final battle in the character’s introductory film, Thor, God of Thunder used an immensely destructive power, which has not been seen again, despite the affordable circumstances.

Image Credits: Thor 2011, Marvel Studios

Directed by Kenneth Brannag, Thor, where we see his arrogance, caused his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), to evict him from, Asgard. He is forced to live without powers on Earth before he is fit to take control of Mjölnir and regain his authority.

Meanwhile, his mischievous brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), suggests defeating Thor using the Destroyer, an indestructible armor that sheds fire to Earth at the end of the film’s second act.

The sequence begins with demonstrations of the power of the Destroyer. It blasts cars and buildings and scatters pedestrians as it heads toward the still powerless Thor. Thor’s friends, the Warriors Three (Tadanobu Asano, Ray Stevenson, and Josh Dallas) and Sif (Jaime Alexander) all face this Destroyer that is able to fend off their attacks and knock Sif’s spear out of its chest.


During the final stop of the battle, Thor tries to reason with Loki, but after a brief pause in the fight, Destroyer hits Thor unconscious and seems to be dead for a moment. It is enough to give his life to those on Earth to prove that Thor is worthy, and his authority is restored – including his most destructive.

Thor Vs Destroyer

At that point, Thor regains Mjölnir again. After clubbing the Destroyer for some time, he swirls the hammer, lifts himself in the air, and creates a tornado that sucks the Destroyer off the ground, where Thor can destroy an armed enemy rather than the townsfolk below.

As one poster on Reddit suggests, this power – called a Tornado – never used again in the other six films where Thor appears (seven if you include Doctor Strange’s post-credits scene).

Credits: Thor 2011, Marvel Studios

He flies several times using the same Mjölnir-whip motion, but never the same tornado effect. Other Reddit commentators point out that the tornado causes more collateral damage, but this was true in the Battle of New York in Avengers and other populated areas, but the Battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War sports has wide-open spaces.

If he has enough space to set fire to the blue among hundreds of Thanos’ slaves, why not use tornado power? In the initial battle of Thor: The Dark World, Thor is armed with Mjölnir, but not his battle axe, the Storm Breaker. 

The MCU is rich in theory and holds together remarkably well in its twenty-three-film run. And even though the explanation that its creators have forgotten one of Thor’s most destructive abilities in the original Thor is surprising, it is the case.

Fans will see Thor again in Thor: Love and Thunder, and if the plot calls for it, the film will provide another opportunity for the Avengers’ most powerful hero to hit another tornado.

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