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Best Manga To Read If You Love My Hero Academia

Here are the best manga to read if you love My Hero Academia.


In Japan, a 14-year-old named Teri Momijiyima was chosen as a hero and was given the name “Shy” due to her extreme shyness. Unfortunately, her shyness caused her to have multiple setbacks with citizens. Which ultimately led to a state of depression and a temporary loss of her powers.

Despite these setbacks, Teri realized the imminent threat of various evil organizations around the world. She decided to become a more confident hero who could better serve her citizens. She picked herself up and worked hard to become the hero that Japan needed.

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Thou Shalt Not Die

The seinen manga series Thou Shalt Not Die by Taro Yoko depicts a society in the future. Because of this, The Special Abilities Private High School was created to train students and use their powers. The protagonists of the series, Kuroi, and Mashiro, must survive through school and on the battlefield.

Thou Shalt Not Die portrays a darker side of superhero society than My Hero Academia. The manga portrays themes of corruption among heroes and the darker side of human behavior.

Hunter x Hunter

The hunters portrayed in Hunter x Hunter are elite individuals capable of various feats that ordinary humans cannot fathom. Possessing the ability to control Nen, these superhumans use their abilities to track down rare beats and treasures.

Hunter x Hunter portrays Gon Freecss, a young boy who strives to find his father, Ging. As Ging is a world-renowned Hunter, Gon finds that to find his father. He needs sufficient strength to explore the world with hunters and other supernatural creatures.

Black Clover

In Black Clover, Asta, a young boy, serves as an oddball with no magic power. Despite his inability to use mana, he strives to become the wizard king. With no magic power, the young boy focuses on building his physical strength to achieve his dream.

Like My Hero Academia, Black Clover portrays an individual who does not have powers and defies the norm. Despite starting off with a disadvantage, Asta, like Midoriya, challenges his fate and finds a unique way to protect the people he loves.

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One Punch Man

The protagonist of the One Punch Man manga is Saitama, a former salaryman who loves to perform heroic feats. After training relentlessly for three years, Saitama is reborn. He is able to instantly destroy any enemy he comes across with one punch.

Similar to My Hero Academia, One Punch Man has a society where superpowers exist. With the concept of superheroes and supervillains present in everyday life, both series have striking similarities that fans will love.

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