Black Clover Chapter 317 Spoilers (Lucifero’s Wrath) And Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 316

As expected, the raw scans for Black Clover Chapter 317 got released recently, making us thrilled to read the upcoming chapter properly. The plot development has taken a twist for the worse, putting Asta’s predicament worse.

The next chapter is titled “Change”, the meaning and significance of which we have no idea yet. Chapter 317 will reportedly have 15 pages of content but take it with a pinch of salt because it’s not been confirmed yet.

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Black Clover Chapter 317 Spoilers

Aftermath of the Fight

We see Yami and the Black Bulls meeting up in an emotional scene. The BBs were terribly worried about the fate of their leader. Meanwhile, the panel zooms in on Nacht silently observing the sobful drama in front of him and walks away as if searching for something.

Patry manages to save William just in time before the latter collapses from exhaustion. Even after Lucifero gets his body cut in half by Asta’s Infinity Slash Equinox, the remains of his manifestation linger in the air.

The remains are wiped out by Yuno while Mimosa is rejuvenating his body. We see moving scenes of the people of Spade Kingdom thanking Yuno for freeing them. However they also realise the need to nurture their kingdom for prosperity.

Lucifero Emerges

Lucifero in Black Clover Chapter 317 Raw Scans
Lucifero sneaks up behind Asta

In the meantime, Lucifero emerges again and is furious that his plans didn’t progress the way he wanted them to. He tells the people surrounding him, “Your heads are all too high,” and then progresses to apply his gravity magic.

Asta uses his Demon Slayer Sword to fly up to Lucifero. He sees the large patch of land that Lucifero has destroyed to nothing.

Lucifero Sneaks Up Behind Asta

Lucifero: Black Clover Chapter 317 Raw Scans

While Asta is trying to come to terms with the shock, Lucifero appears alongside him and asks if he is the one who has thwarted his goals. A devil from the Second Gate of the Qilphoth Channel emerges behind the citizens in the final pages of Black Clover chapter 317.

It is revealed that the Second Gate is still open. 

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Black Clover Chapter 318: Asta Vs Lucifero?

A fight between the two is most likely. The odds are against Asta as he’s severely exhausted from the fight.

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