Black Clover Chapter 328 Release Date Delayed

Black Clover chapter 335

The release date for the upcoming chapter has been delayed and we’re terribly sad. To find out more, keep reading it.

About The Manga

Asta, an infant born without magical skills, is the novel’s hero, and as such, she is regularly discriminated against and looked down upon. This is unique in his world, where everyone appears to have some kind of magical ability. Asta aims to become the new Wizard King with the help of his fellow Black Bulls wizards.

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Black Clover Chapter 327 Recap

Asta stops Lucifero’s fist in the previous chapter. He does, however, remove the magic from everything he touches, allowing him to withstand Lucifero’s terrible strikes.

Asta believes that in previous iterations of Devil Union, his and Liebe’s consciousnesses overlapped, but that they are now really one. Beyond guilt and hatred, they must defeat Lucifero in order to survive. After all, Licita had intended for Liebe to be like this.

Black Clover Chapter 328

Meanwhile, Yami and Nacht are relieved to see him emerge as the new hero of the Magic world. Yami is convinced that he noticed something extraordinary about the infant. At the end of the chapter, Lucifero realises Asta has complete control over Anti-Magic.

He has the capacity to switch off the magical output of everything he comes into contact with.

Black Clover Chapter 328 Release Date

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The manga Black Clover Chapter 328’s publication date has been pushed back by one week. On April 3, 2022, Black Clover Chapter 328 will be released. Unfortunately, mangaka Yuki Tabata will be taking a hiatus.

The raw scans would appear two or three days before the magazine’s debut in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. This implies that fans may expect the first spoilers on April 1, as they arrive before raw scans.

Where To Read

The most recent three chapters of the manga Black Clover are available for free reading on the websites Viz Media and MangaPlus. You’d have to pay up for a monthly membership to read the entire manga.

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