Black Clover: Yuno’s Powerful New Star Magic Explained

Ever since Black Clover started, we know that Yuno’s vast magical ability has been portrayed in contrast to Asta’s magical lack. Yuno’s extreme talent has always been highlighted. But it’s only this time that the audience is given more explanation about why Yuno is so special. 

His actual name is Yuno Grinberryall, the long-lost son of the Spade Kingdom’s Royal family. Now this not only explains his exceptional mana reserves, but also has recently given him a new magic along with an accompanying grimoire. His new ‘Star Magic’ in addition to his already stunning Wind Magic has made him even more powerful.

The question here is how he came to obtain this new magic and how is he able to use two magics in the first place. If you’re also curious about Yuno’s powerful new Star Magic, head down below to read more!

Abilities Granted by the Star Magic 

Black Clover Yuno Star Magic

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This new magic grants Yuno new abilities that change his fighting style. Star Magic allows him to create miniature stars that act as the source of his new abilities. He can also use these stars to release magic energy attacks and teleport. 

Although his Star Magic is highly powerful, Yuno hasn’t developed it as much as his Wind Magic. But while it should be impossible for Yuno to use multiple magic types without the help of a devil like Zenon has, Yuno actually is quite similar to his squad captain William Vangeance. 

Similar to how Vangeance was possessed by Patry’s soul, Yuno is possessed by the soul of one of Licht and Tetia’s unborn twins. But while Vangeance could not access Patry’s Light Magic and Patry could not access Vangeance’s World Tree Magic, Yuno’s case is different as this restriction is not there. 

Yuno’s Star Magic Origins

Black Clover Yuno Star Magic

According to Zenon, the Grinberryall royal family used unique magic types- Sun Magic by the king and Moon Magic by the queen. Their union led to a new type of magic in Yuno- Star Magic! Yuno himself was unaware that throughout his life, he has been using the unborn child’s magic. It is only when he fights against Zenon that his true grimoire appears along with his full potential.

This is a little confusing but it’s possible that as the soul residing within Yuno is unborn, the divide between the two is much apparent. This is perhaps why Yuno never realized his actual magic. It could also be connected with Yuno’s lack of a true identity until now. 

Black Clover Yuno Star Magic

An important moment is when the Wind Spirit Sylph states that she finally feels like she has met the real Yuno after Yuno gains his second grimoire. Everything makes sense now as Yuno’s own being and the soul of the unborn was so intertwined that Yuno could neither see his own power nor differentiate between himself and the unborn one.

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Yuno’s situation is very unique as two souls contained in one body would mean acting as one and the dominant soul will be able to use both abilities. Now that he has come into his full power, developed his sense of identity, and even unlocked Saint Stage, he’ll have the power to deal with the threat of devils as well as avenge his parents and kingdom, along with the Golden Dawn.

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