Why Black Clover’s Protagonist Asta Is So Loved By Fans?

Black Clover’s Asta is the main character of the series who is not able to operate magic, but all hell breaks loose once he summons his demonic form. The anime is becoming hugely popular among the viewers because of its adventurous plot. 

The narrative of the anime revolves around Asta, who is born without magical powers, something that is unheard of in the world he lives in. However, it doesn’t discourage him one bit from aspiring to become the next Wizard King. Scroll down below to know more about this fascinating character!

A brief description of Asta :

Asta is an orphan who grows up under the care of a church in Hage. Despite not possessing any magic, he receives a five-leaf clover grimoire with an Anti Magic devil inside at the age of 15. He goes on to join the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull squad and gets appreciated as one of the most budding knights of his time.

He is known to possess great determination and perseverance, good enough to interest Yami Sukehiro and hence recruit Asta into his ranks. However, he sometimes struggles with his insecurity of lack of magic, but he pushes himself to move forward.

Black Clover: Why do Fans love Him?

Although the nobles and powerful wizards ridicule him, he believes in himself and continues his endeavours to become the Wizard King. The louder their depressing voices, the stronger he becomes.

His unique magical abilities are especially interesting as even magic users are unable to wield them. His grimoire grants him the ability of anti-magic which can dissolve any magic it comes across. Asta’s Ki ability is rather considered intriguing by fans as it allows him to study and predict opponents movements, giving him an upper hand in battles.

To make up for his lack of magic, Asta trains hard every day to build his technical skills. Even when he hurts his arms after the battle with Vetto, he uses all his strength into building up his legs. 

Not only does he motivate himself, but also the people around him and even his enemies. In a way, he positively influences everyone he meets.His unwavering courage of never giving up truly encourages fans to never give up on their dreams!


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