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Black Panther 2 Set Photos Reveals First Look At Riri Williams


The information on the Black Panther 2 is scarce. No one knows anything about its plot detail except Marvel, of course, which is expected in an MCU film. But in this sequel, the absence of information is more critical because it had to be created without its central star. Perhaps one of the points that will bring some light to a movie that awakens some sadness by introducing Tony Stark’s successor, Ironheart, in the MCU.

Several portals have confirmed the appearance of the character in Black Panther 2. However, this week fans got to see the actress Dominique Thorne on the film set, and they took her photos. She has been confirmed as Riri Williams, the prodigy who will wear the new metal armor in the cinematic universe. Along with her, Letita Wright ( Shuri ) and Danai Gurira ( Okoye ) have also been spotted. Have a look below:


Is Ironheart From Wakanda?

Dominique Thorne as Ironheart

Well, It’s not clear for now. Because In the comics, she was a student from the United States who had admired and later copied Stark’s technology. The MCU version may decide to change its origin to adjust its access to creations and inventions of the same level as the tycoons. It is also possible that Riri is part of one of the groups that Wakanda began to support at the end of Black Panther. This would make a bit more sense, as it would give the character access to the knowledge and tools to demonstrate their intelligence.

Of course, we shouldn’t expect Ironheart to fly into her armor in the MCU or even for the tape to show Riri wearing her. Instead, the movie has to focus on Wakanda and indeed to deal with T’challa’s absence. In any case, Ironheart will have her own space on Disney +, so the film is more a way to introduce her to the universe, not her time to shine.

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