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The Witcher: Nightmare of the wolf- A true monster hunt

Vesemir and Tetra on a best hunt

The Witcher: Nightmare of the wolf, a sequel of the popular show “The Witcher” released on the 23 August 2021 on Netflix. The movie tells a tale about the life of Vesemir, a strong and fierce Witcher. This 1hour 23 minutes movie is packed with suspense, thrill and drama. Directed by Kwang Il Han, The Witcher is refreshing and absorbing.

The movie has two major parts. Part one focuses on Vesemir’s childhood and his journey of coming out of poverty and becoming a Witcher. Part two solely focuses on the war between the Witcher’s and Tetra.

The movie does a great job in connecting the past to the present. The movie gives the audience a glimpse of the hardships faced by the young and aspiring Witcher’s. We see that only a handful of hopefuls survive through the brutal swamp and make it through the selection process.

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Over the years, Vesemir makes a mark with his skills of slaying the beasts and is driven by the end goal of earning coins.

A plot twist is an essential part of any good movie. The Witcher’s are hiding a dark secret. It is a secret that could wipe out the existence of the Witcher’s clan. Does Vesemir manage to stop destruction from taking place? The answers to that is yes, he does go on to great lengths to protect his own, but it does come with a price.


With the count of monsters decreasing by the day, it becomes essential that the Witcher’s stay in business. The Witcher clan gets its hands dirty by abducting elves and creating a mix breed beast who are capable of creating reality like illusions. On learning this, Tetra advocates an attack on the Witcher’s fort and claims that they are failing at defending the inhabitants. The Witcher’s fight with all their might but the casualties are sky high. Lady Zerbst takes her last breath as Vesemir stabs her assuming she’s Tetra.

Illusion, fantasy and vision are the pillars that make up The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

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