Black Panther: Vibranium Is Not The Only Thing Which Makes Wakanda Wealthy


To all the comic fans this won’t come as a surprise, but to the Marvel fans who only saw the movies, this is something new.


Wakanda| Black Panther

We saw Wakanda as one of the wealthiest and out of the world technology consisting place in Black Panther. Even though the rest of the world was unaware of the things which were possible in Wakanda, the heroes and the villains definitely knew.

Monetary Value

We saw the power of Vibranium throughout the movies and also saw the strength and value of it. Roughly Vibranium costs $10,000 per gram, and that puts the net worth of Wakanda in Trillions.

Vibranium Rendered Inert

Wakanda Black Panther

But what came out as a shock was that, that’s not the only thing which kept Wakanda prosperous. In the comics, there comes a time when all the Vibranium left on earth was rendered inert, which made a massive drop in its monetary value. During those times, the allies of Wakanda were concerned, and T’Challa gave a calm and the best answer to them.

Place Out Of Time

We saw in Black Panther how modern everything is. Every technology was a millennium ahead in Wakanda than the rest of the world. So, these people didn’t just use the earth’s most precious metal to decorate or use to prepare for war, they used it to its best of capacities.

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Fantastic Four

In the comics, Fantastic Four #607 the group is taking a visit to Wakanda to help T’Challa come up with a plan to manage. All this happened when the Vibranium was rendered inert. While Reed of Fantastic Four immediately jumps in with some solutions on the top of his head, T’Challa gives and answer which shocks him.

Smart Investment


According to T’Challa, they have been liquidating Vibranium and have been investing in things way before these kinds of stuff happened. In short, Wakandan Kings never made their palaces in unlimited gold and city in sparkling beauty and just ate and drink and didn’t bother what their children were up to. We know someone who did, don’t we? We love him but sometimes to think, he was one of the worst parents in MCU. To those who didn’t get it, I am speaking about Odin.

Anyway, Reed gets a detailed answer from T’Challa on why he shouldn’t worry about that. Now, this just goes to show that, Vibranium existing in Wakanda alone is the best that ever happened. They put it to the best use, created a cure for so many things, top of the line technologies, gave world-class education and kept it protected from being corrupted.

Now that’s something we know would’ve been impossible to do in any other place even if we had the Vibranium reserve.



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