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Black Widow Alternative Ending Is Delightful To Watch

We know that not all scenes recorded in Marvel movies and series end up airing like now in Black Widow. All productions have an average duration per episode or film and cannot exceed the maximum time established. Even though there’s the expense of scenes, cast and script, it’s much easier for the production not to reveal everything and still gain prominence in the future by showing the deleted scenes.

That’s what happened with WandaVision, the first Marvel series to make it to Disney+. Months after the last installment of the series aired, though some news, fans got treated. In the final scene, for example, they edited it by inserting the Doctor Strange theme music.

Even recorded a scene with Benedict Cumberbatch, but the character would not fit into the series scenario, where Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) would receive all the highlights possible.

Alternative Ending

We found a deleted scene with Black Widow from the production, which had the sequel revealed by a user on Twitter. And we are not talking about any scene. Ostensibly the moment would demonstrate an alternative ending utterly different from what we saw in the movie, where Natasha doesn’t simply leave in a Quinjet.

Black Widow Movie

Instead, she appears on a motorcycle, in an Ohio neighborhood, in a place surrounded by children playing and having fun. That’s her hometown where she grew up, and what a surprise to see that the children are playing Avengers. Check this out:

It is possible to understand why the ending was different. The scene chosen for the definitive edition is directly related to Natasha in Avengers: Infinite War when she goes after Steve Rogers. As we see in the video, Scarlett Johansson’s character is not going after her friend but rather revisiting her childhood. It is likely that the moment made more sense with the film, but not with the continuity of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Another detail that draws attention is the blonde hair, considered iconic by many fans of the Black Widow. A girl appears in black to celebrate the moment, just as Natasha is, playing with her friends and playing the Black Widow. Nothing better for Natasha, who always had the idea of ​​being hated and feared, to see that she is inspiring children, more specifically girls, to fight.

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