Did Elle And Noah Break Up In Kissing Booth 3?


Through the series of Kissing Booth, we have faced multiple challenges along with Elle and Noah break ups with our central protagonists, Elle and Noah. The couple started becoming close in high school, especially after the Kissing Booth fundraiser. They eventually got together and became a couple that many of us were jealous of.

However, seasons 2 and 3 brought further complications, not only in their love lives but also in their personal lives and decisions. Did Elle and Noah make it through in Kissing Booth 3? Or did Elle and Noah break up for real this time? We have the answers here.

Elle And Noah Break Up? 

In Kissing Booth Season 2, Noah was settled in Harvard while Elle was faced with the tough decision of choosing her future college. While she and her best friend Lee made a rule that “best friends should always go to the same college”, she was also swaged heavily by her boyfriend.

Will Elle go to Berkeley to be with her best friend Lee or will she choose Harvard to be with the love of her life Noah? This was a question most fans had in their minds during the whole Kissing Booth 3. However, another major twist landed itself in the new movie.

While Elle is faced with one of the biggest decisions of her life, she made two of the biggest decisions instead. One is that she did not choose either Harvard or Berkeley. While the first half of the movie showed that Elle was probably going to Harvard, it surely changed by the end.

Elle chose to go to USC to study Video Game design. And another choice she made that made our hearts drop was to break up with Noah. After a lot of complications, Elle and Noah de finally decided to end their iconic years-long romance. 

While the couple also talked about going to college and moving in together during their summer break, their romance was not meant to last in this series. By the end, we see a time jump where they’re all adults in the real world now. Lee and Rachel are happily engaged while Elle and Noah remain single.

The ending could be an open-ended one for fans who really still want to hold onto their romance. After all, they might still end up together in the future. Who knows?

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