Bleach (anime): Where do soul reapers go when they die?


Soul Reapers, also recognized as shinigami, are known to be one of the most influential beings in the Bleach universe. Moreover, these shinigami are hailed as heroes because they help souls to pass on to the afterlife.

Additionally, the series’ main protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, is also a soul reaper.

However, many fans kept on wondering what happens to them and where they end up after dying.

Here is everything you need to know.

soul reapers

What happens when a Soul Reaper dies?

Soul Reapers re-enter the cycle of reincarnation after their demise. In other words, they are either reincarnated as humans in the Living World or go to Soul Society, where they reincarnate as another soul.

Captain-class soul reapers on the other hand are banished into Hell.

Moreover, when they are reincarnated as humans they begin a new life and have no memories of their time as a soul reaper.

However, their souls’ bodies are reduced to Reishi if they are not reincarnated. In addition, these scattered spirit particles are then absorbed into the soil of Soul Society.

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Why are Captain-class soul reapers cast into hell?

The spiritual pressure of their Reishi is too thick to be cut into pieces and absorbed into the soil of Soul Society. Hence, in order to prevent these strong Reishis from lingering, deceased captains are banished to Hell by performing the Konso Reisai ceremony.

soul reapers

How long do Soul Reapers live?

Although they are not immortal, Soul Reapers generally have a longer lifespan as compared to humans. They live for centuries with some even crossing the benchmark of thousand years.

For instance, the age of Captain-Commander Yamamoto is estimated to be around 2100 years.

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