Blue Lock Chapter 153 Release Date and Spoilers: World Cup To Commence Soon?

Blue Lock

The new project is scheduled to begin soon and preparations are in full swing. We also see Itoshi contemplating his last moments at the game and how he fell for a simple trick by his brother. 

With the chapter coming to an end leaving many at a massive cliffhanger, we sympathize with many fans’ impatience and love for this fantastic sports manga. Here, in this article, we bring you the latest news updates about Blue Lock Chapter 153.

Blue Lock Chapter 153 Release Date

The upcoming Blue Lock Chapter will be getting released on the 24th of November 2021. Every new Blue Lock chapter gets released after a period of 7 days. You can read the manga from the Kodansha website. 

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Blue Lock Chapter 152 Recap

In Blue Lock Chapter 152 aptly titled “Restart”, we see Itoshi Sae, spending some alone time at the beach. He was revisiting the things that happened in his last match even when he wasn’t working. 

Blue Lock Chapter 149

Nii-chan had accurately predicted that Itoshi would fall for the trap in the last stages of the match. Though they lost due to Itoshi’s ego, he felt better and changed after letting out of his rage. He was, however, still not as good as Isagi in the game yet. 

When he returned home, his parents greeted him with open arms. They informed him since they didn’t know a single thing about football, it didn’t matter whether they won or lost.

They merely wished for their sons to live the lives as they wished to. This instilled in him the will to think positively. Towards the end, all players received another notification from Blue Lock about the continuation of the project. 

Blue Lock

Blue Lock Chapter 153 Spoilers

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Shidou’s impending arrival has been suggested, causing a fierce debate among fans. When the youngster returns, the readers are eager to see what happens, especially after such a quick and hurried exit. 

The 153rd chapter’s title will be “Environment.” Phase 2 of the Blue Lock project will begin with the next expedition. This means that the champs will reconvene at the training ground once more. The goal will be to qualify for the U-20 World Cup once more.

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